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Car Hire Excess Waiver Insurance Policy: A More Affordable Way of Protecting Travelers Against the High Charges Associated with Car Hires

As a traveler, you are quite likely to encounter people who would try to squeeze out a penny or two from your purse. Car hiring firms are often found to be of this character too.

Hence you need to have a clear understanding of what insurance would be necessary for your hired car and how long it has to last.

Insuring a hired car is just as important as hiring it in the first place. There is a need to get the right value for this insurance, there certainly has to be a way to minimize the sums committed to this insurance policy and also not get swindled while doing that.

What’s Car Hire Excess Insurance 

Simply put; rental car insurance is a policy to protect you against such liabilities that arise as a result of an accident or any other form of car damage.

With a definition as simple as this, several users often argue its necessity and would rather avoid a need to purchase it, which of course based on certain analyses could be merit or not.

Do I Need A Car Hire Excess Insurance Policy

Well, here’s the thing: there’s never a pre-knowledge of the possibility of an accident, hence the smart thing to do is to put all measures in place to prevent it, and if unfortunately, it occurs, make sure it doesn’t empty your wallet.

Having a car hire excess insurance in place is the smart measure that ensures you don’t go broke while paying for such damages.

On the flip side, if an accident does not occur a car hire excess insurance doesn’t entirely fall into a loss. This depends on the kind of insurance company you are hiring from.

Some companies have planned out programs for offering future benefits to customers that took the bane of engaging with such expenses that other customers would rather avoid. An example is a car hire rental excess insurance.

Having these benefits could come in handy at such times in the future when hiring from the very same firm, especially when you are abroad.

What to Look Out For

Don’t be pressured into buying costly add-on insurance, car rental excess waiver, or third-party car hire excess waiver insurance. It may end up being of no benefit, especially if the third party hires excess waiver insurance.

The reason is that if at the day’s end, no need for an excess waiver insurance arises, you have no external benefits of dealing with the third-party company.

However, buying insurance from a car hire company directly puts you in a good spot for future benefits such as a reduction in hiring price, reduction in insurance rates, and the like.

Some add-on insurances, mainly CDW, are sometimes embedded in your primary insurance plan but you won’t get told this at the counter, especially if you had specifically requested that particular add-on insurance just to be sure you have it. You will end up paying twice for the same service.

Of course, car hiring companies often place savvy operators at the front desk, in a bid to ensure all possibilities of acquiring extra coins from a customer’s pockets are exhausted. So instead of unwittingly agreeing with everything the front desk officer throws at you, you might as well have a predetermined plan of your own and agree with only what you intend to buy while declining the rest.

How to choose a rental company

Oftentimes we select which company we deal with based on how affordable their rental may be, as well as the insurance that accompanies them.

What a lot of people don’t know is that this is not enough basis to determine what hiring company you choose. Sometimes the more expensive hire car comes with relatively cheap insurance and if both are weighed together, in terms of value it is better to take the expensive rental. So, it is important to make enough findings and learn the value of the insurance in comparison with the price of the car you are hiring.


As a traveler, you do have some privileges but not as reliable as those of a citizen of your host country. Hence it becomes a duty to keep a decent profile.

Having good car hiring and insurance records abroad also gives a boost to the reputation of your good profile hence it can assist your ease of car hiring and we reduce the expenses incurred while insuring it.

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