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The how-to for those wanting to give something to the ones they love. Care packages don’t just have to be for the college student, but can also be created for a parent, grandparent, friend, or even a spouse.

When we think of care packages, we typically think of giving them to college students living away from home. They are usually filled with things like Mom’s favorite recipes, gift certificates, toiletries, and other small essentials. But, did you ever think of sending a care package to a friend who’s far from home, a grandparent you rarely see, or a spouse away on a business trip?

Yes, a care package is exactly that, it is showing someone you care. Fill it with whatever you like and the message will still be the same. The message will be that you love someone.


The Parent Package: Parents are always sending their kids care packages, so why don’t you send your parent one? Fill it with mom’s favorite candy, or dad’s favorite aftershave. Stick in a movie and popcorn for mom and dad to relax and watch together, or send a gift certificate for a shopping spree at their local mall.
Parent Package
The Grandparent Package: Like the parent’s package, but this one is for grandparents. Fill it with your favorite recipes, pictures of you as a child, or the latest technology gadget you can’t live without. It will amaze your grandparents how far we’ve come since they were your age.


The Friendship Package: This one should be easy. You know your best friend inside and out. Fill it with the items you know will make them smile. A CD of the band you saw in concert together, pictures of you at the Prom together, (you can laugh about the dates over a phone call later). Stick in a phone and address book with your name and address listed inside. Think back on your favorite memories with that friend and find items that make you think of those wonderful times together. Last, but not least, stick in a phone card for them to call you with.


The Spouse Package for Him: Your husband is gone for an extended business trip and you want him to know how much you miss him. Put together a package of his favorite items and send them to him. Buy him a new package of his favorite brand of boxers, cologne, or a sample vial of the perfume he loves you to wear. Write a love letter and seal it with a kiss.


The Spouse Package for Her: So your wife is out of town and you’re missing her. You want to do something sweet to let her know you’re thinking of her, but don’t know what to do. Send her a care package with all of her favorites. Stick in her favorite coffee, a scented candle and matches, and her favorite perfume. Add in an oversized T-Shirt of yours spritzed with your cologne for her to snuggle up in. Write her a love letter and seal it with a kiss.


Whether your care package is for someone you haven’t seen in years or days, the love you reveal will have a lasting effect.

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