Career Advantages of Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Nursing can be a very versatile field with a lot of different specialties. One of the most common denominators of any specialty in nursing is that they are going to work hard to help the patient maintain their overall health and well-being. An aesthetic nurse will help patients by boosting their confidence and helping them live their best lives. 

These nurses are going to perform a lot of non-surgical procedures and other therapeutics to assist patients in their cosmetic appearance. They can also watch the response of the patient to the treatments and educate them on the property aftercare as well. This can be a very rewarding career with a lot of benefits along the way too. 

If you are looking to become an aesthetic nurse practitioner, there are a lot of career advantages to choosing this. Some of those include:

Stable Weekday Hours

Unlike some of the other nursing professions you can choose, these nurses will be able to enjoy some stable hours that often only happen during the week. Their patients will not have emergencies that require them during the evening or weekend hours and most will be able to enjoy a regular 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 schedule, something not found in other nursing careers. 

Appointments are Set Ahead of Time

Appointments are Set Ahead of Time

Since you will be able to get stable weekday hours, your patients are all going to put in their appointments ahead of time. You will know when you can take a day off, and even how busy a day will be compared to another. And since most patients are not going to change up their appointments once they are set, you can better schedule yourself around it as well. 

If you need to take a day off or need to be closed for some reason, you will be able to mark that day off and make sure that no one schedules an appointment there. You will be able to figure out the days when you are more likely to be busy or slow and can make adjustments with that as well. This gives you more freedom than other nursing professions. 

Calm and Welcoming Work Environment

Calm and Welcoming Work Environment

When you work as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, you will get a chance to work in a calm and welcoming environment. There are rarely any rushes or emergencies in this kind of field and you get the benefit of seeing your patients be happy and healthy when they walk in the door. 

Compared to other professionals, this can be a welcome change. Many other nursing professionals, such as ER nurses, labor and delivery, and more, can be stressful and high paced. There is always something going on and it is hard to keep up. This is not something that is found in an aesthetic nurse practitioner. 

No Need to Work with Insurance

Working with insurance can be a pain. You need to go through and learn all of the codings, make sure that the patient’s insurance is accepted in the first place, and then fight with insurance to get at least some of the payment that you deserve. This can be a big headache that most nurses do not want to work with. 

Since the work that an aesthetic nurse practitioner is going to perform is optional, most insurance providers will not cover the work that is done. This means that you can receive direct payment and not have to fight against insurance at all, saving time and a lot of paperwork in the process as well. 

Can Choose Your Work Attire

Many of these professionals will be able to choose their own work attire as well. Many will choose to work with scrubs because it is simple and makes the place look more like a medical facility, helping to encourage the patient to feel comfortable there. But it is also possible for the nurse professional to choose to go with something else as well. 

For example, they may choose to go with outfits that are more business casual. Or they can choose another nice uniform that helps everyone in the facility match and look nice, while also being professional. This allows for some more freedom for the professionals as they work as well. 

Makes a Good Salary

If you are looking to get into a field of nursing that is more laid-back than the others and allows you to make a good salary, then you can’t go wrong with becoming an Aesthetic Nurse practitioner. The salaries of these professionals will vary based on where you live and the amount that they pay in each area. 

The average amount that these professionals are able to make starting out is over $90,000. The longer that they stay in the field and the more experience they receive, the more they will be able to make. This is a high salary that makes it an appealing option for many who choose to enter this career. 

Patients are Healthy

For many of the other nursing careers you can choose, the patients are coming in the door because they are not feeling good or are really sick. This can add stress to the visit and most patients who come in the door just want to find a way to feel better. 

When you work as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, you will see patients when they are actually healthy. They are coming in for a cosmetic procedure, often one that is meant to make them happier but isn’t necessary for their health. They are often excited to be there and happy to see you at the same time, making the work more enjoyable. 

Choosing to Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

While there are a lot of great careers that you can choose when you have a nursing degree, one of the best options is to work as an aesthetic nurse practitioner. Take a look at some of the benefits above and see why this could be the career choice you should make. 

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