Top Five Casino Games for Beginners

Casino gaming is a pastime that many people enjoy, but with hundreds of games available inside the biggest online casinos, knowing where to start for beginners is a little tricky. However, the good news is that there are many great games out there that perfectly suit beginners and offer the perfect place to find your feet.

Here are five options for beginners who are looking to find casino games to play and you can click here for more information about the best online casino sites.


One of the most popular casino games is roulette, and this game is great because you can make it as simple or complicated as you want to. Go with red or black and try out odd or even if you are looking for the simplest way into this game, they give you a simple, almost 50/50 chance of winning.

You can bet on groups and individual numbers if you wish but leave that until you are more experienced and concentrate on having fun while picking up a few wins as a beginner player. Any entertainment news about casinos will usually involve roulette, it is the most popular casino gaming in the world.


Another simple and popular casino game is blackjack. Here you have to make as close to 21 with your hand of cards, but you cannot go over. After receiving two cards, you choose to stick or receive another card, keep going until you are happy then see if you can beat the dealer.

There is nothing complex about blackjack, it will always stay as simple as it is from the start, this is a great card game and one that every single player, regardless of ability, can join in with.

Simple Slot Games

Slots are not difficult to play, all you do is press to spin the reels. However, new players can sometimes be left confused by the complex features and bonus games. Stick with something that is simple, and a theme you know and love, so if you are into TV then look for TV themed slots such as the Game of Thrones slot.

With the right game, you should be able to enjoy yourself, get a chance of winning, and understand everything that is happening on the screen.


The game of baccarat is a simple race to nine between you and the dealer. You can bet on yourself to win, the best option, or choose the dealer to win or a tie, though it is best for beginners to bet on themselves to win the game.

Get two cards each, turn them over and see who is closes to nine. If you go over and into double figures, you simply ignore the first number of the total, so 16 is 6 for the purposes of the game. A simple game you can play multiple times in a short period of time.

Video Poker

Video poker is not the easiest starting point for everyone, but perfect for those who know how to play poker. This is basically a computerized version of the game, where you look to make the best poker hand and win accordingly, rather than beating other players.

If you know and understand poker hands, this game will have a great familiarity that beginners to casino gaming will love.

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