5 Ways to Celebrate Holidays in a Liverpool Arcade

What do you do when it is a holiday in Liverpool? You go out, of course. Both tourists and community dwellers find the place fascinating because it houses a lot of beautiful, heritage-listed places like the Bankstown Golf Club, St. Luke’s Anglican Church, and Rosebank. That is nice and all that, but if you have been a working adult or a student for the longest time, then you want to have more fun than that. And when it is a holiday, then what better way to spend it than to play all you want in an arcade in Liverpool.

Australia is a place known to be a student and worker-friendly place. When conference calls and school seminars seem to go on forever, you can look forward to a nearby holiday. Arcades are the best way to relax, unwind, and bond with family and friends. And you celebrate by doing the following activities.


You can never go wrong with bowling. It is a fun activity enjoyed by both young and old and played alone or with a group. You can practice on your own or make your own teams. Either way, you can bowl your soul away. Some arcades have a kid’s area, where your little ones can play a game or two on their mini bowling lanes. Thankfully, inclusion is a theme that always warms the heart, as some bowling arcades like Zone Bowling embrace PWADs (People With A Disability) with a discounted rate for both them and their carer.


An arcade in Liverpool is never complete without the usual games. You have a wide variety of choices such as Pinball, Daytona, Tekken, Space Invaders, and Mario Kart, to newer titles such as Angry Birds, Walking Dead, and Rabbids Hollywood. They also have old-fashioned but still enjoyable games like Air Hockey, Sound Stage, Ring Toss, Wheel of Fortune, NBA Hoops, and King of the Hammer. There are claw games too for those who want instant prizes. And when you want to remember that big smile on your face, there would even be a photo booth somewhere in there. Oh, the possibilities are as endless as 2GLF broadcasts.

Laser Tag

Does your inner self dream of blasting guns and finishing with a James Bond pose? Well, now you can with Laser Tag, an interactive game that lets you handle a laser weapon while making sure you do not gun someone down for real. You can play alone or with a group as you shoot your way to Laser Brain. Either way, you go through that adrenaline-pumping rush that rivals a whole-body workout, so it keeps you healthy, too.

Food and beverage

Your holiday is winding down, but the need for food consumption overtakes the fun and exhaustion. Of course, you need to feed yourself and your crew. Luckily, there is no need to leave the arcade as there will always be tummy-filling goods ready to be served whenever you need them. From hero dogs, fries, nuggets, wings, and milkshakes, your arcade has it all. But of course, if you bring some of it to the bowling areas, remember to observe proper bowling etiquette for the safety of all. Otherwise, all hatches down.

So if you feel that water-cooler chit-chats are getting boring, plan that next holiday out and stay within the confines of your community. Visit and spend the day at your arcade for a fun, crazy-in-a-good-way day.

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