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There is a steady increase in VPN service providers, and this marked increase indicates increased demand for this service, but the question here is: What is a VPN service and what can we benefit from it?

Understanding VPN

A VPN shortcut refers to the Virtual Private Network, which involves creating a logical network connection using an alternative protocol by which the client is connected to the address he wants but by a different server.

In other words, changing the server means changing the user’s IP so that it looks like the client is connected on the other hand (often the server side that provides the service), or, that process can be likened to connecting the client to the address he wants to access through a tunnel.

VPN services support two types of tunnels, one of which is voluntary tunnels and the other is compulsory, and both types are commonly used.

Involuntary tunneling, the VPN customer oversees the connection setup. The customer first makes a connection to the bearer organized supplier (an ISP on account of Internet VPNs). At that point, the VPN customer application makes the passage to a VPN server over this live connection.

In compulsory tunneling, the transporter arranges supplier overseas VPN connection setup. At the point when the customer first makes a standard connection to the transporter, the bearer quickly facilitates a VPN connection between that customer and a VPN server. From the customer perspective, VPN connections are set up in only one stage contrasted with the two-advance strategy required for voluntary passages.

Compulsory VPN tunneling verifies customers and partners them with explicit VPN servers utilizing rationale incorporated with the agent gadget. This system gadget is at times called the VPN Front End Processor (FEP), Network Access Server (NAS), or Point of Presence Server (POS).

Compulsory tunneling shrouds the subtleties of the VPN server network from the VPN customers and adequately exchanges the board authority over the passages from customers to the ISP. Consequently, specialist organizations must provide an interpretation of the extra weight of introducing and keeping up FEP devices.

Using a VPN to book cheap flights

The benefits of using a VPN service may be to maintain privacy while browsing, but there are many benefits to be used with this service, including the possibility of booking cheap flights.

Airlines and travel agencies are among the growing companies whose prices vary from user to user according to the user’s geographical location. Many online companies offer better rates to customers in low-income countries. So, for example, pretending to book a flight from a country in Africa rather than a Western country will give you a much better price.

One way to do this is by booking airline flights from airline locations or country-specific travel agencies. You can usually do this by changing the last part of your web address and adding the extension of a low-income country.

However, the most effective way to deceive airlines and travel agencies and make them think you are booking from a different country is by using a VPN, which in turn transfers your entire data across a server in the country you chose to hide your real site.

Note that there is a small risk when doing this. When booking in this way, the price may be for residents only, and only local citizens in that country can benefit from this rate. However, in most cases, no one will be bothered to ascertain whether you are a citizen of the country from which the flight was booked.

On the other hand, some flight booking sites and travel agencies may identify customer-preferred flights by analyzing the cookies stored in the browser, which contain previous search attempts, and then send the client a notice of the trips he prefers based on the private profiles These flights are usually priced a little more expensive than regular flights, and you can avoid knowing where to store your cookies stored in your browser by clearing your browser’s cache or by using VPN.

How to choose the right VPN service?

Before you choose any VPN service, keep in mind the following points that should be considered when choosing a VPN provider:

1: The communication protocol

There are three popular types of VPN protocols, and most VPN providers offer you the option to work with any of these protocols. The difference between these protocols is the power of encryption, protection, and speed. To learn more about these protocols.

PPTP: This protocol is not secure and can be broken. Its protection has already been broken at one of the White Hacker’s Conferences, so it is weak encryption and has many weaknesses, but its advantage is fast if you want to browse websites quickly and Take care of your privacy and protect your data. This protocol will be your choice!

L2TP protocol: This protocol offers a higher level of encryption and checks data integrity and packaging twice. This protocol is secure but slower than PTPP and firewalls can restrict access and block it easily. If you are interested in protecting and maintaining your privacy and data, this protocol is your choice if the service does not provide the OpenVPN protocol I will talk about it at the next point.

OpenVPN is an open-source protocol that is the most powerful VPN protocol for protection, encryption, and speed. It provides a strong and reliable VPN connection, and most VPN providers support this protocol, but its problem is that most smartphones and tablets only support third-party software Party App, such as OpenVPN Connect, is available for iOS and Android devices and enables you to use the OpenVPN protocol on these devices. If you have an iOS device on it, you can support this protocol by installing the GuizmOVPN directly from Cydia.

2: Bandwidth

As with every connection in the network or on the Internet, there are limitations and limitations on Bandwidth Bandwidth, the more Bandwidth the cost of service increases, while the lower Bandwidth usually comes at a lower cost of service.

If the primary purpose of using a VPN service is to surf the blocked websites in your country securely so that you are anonymous while connecting to a 10GB or 20GB Bandwidth per month, or if you are watching online video or games, downloading from torrents or not.

So, you need Bandwidth Unlimited. Most VPN providers offer Unlimited Bandwidth at some reasonable prices, but for some, some Bandwidth may be just an ad only when the pressure on the service increases significantly less! Define your needs and use of the Internet so you can determine the bandwidth you need.

3: Price

Most VPN service providers offer either free, on-demand, or fixed-rate pricing, depending on the plan you choose during registration. For example, the price may be $ 11 per month – approximately BD 4 – or $ 78 per year – approximately BD 29 – The cost of the service must be reasonable. It is best to compare the rate of service from different VPN providers to get an idea of whether the price is reasonable or not, or whether it is appropriate for you or not.

Free VPNs Most of them record your activities and publish ads when you browse the web and also analyze your habits as you browse the Internet for use in posting ads suitable for your activities on the Internet! This is a violation of your privacy.

Yes, this service can offer many advantages, but if your privacy is important to you, you may want to avoid it. However, if you are in need of service your financial budget is low, and privacy for you is not necessary, it may be suitable for you and ultimately the option for you.

Most paid VPN providers usually take your privacy seriously, as long as you pay for the service! On the advertising side, they do not post ads, although the registration or storage of data about your use may vary from company to company. The service is usually offered free of charge for a limited period so you can take a look at the service.

4: Sites and number of service servers

Server sites Any VPN service may be important to many users, and the importance of this is for several reasons, some look for the nearest server in the country where the resident service provider servers far from where the user may be served, but Their quality will not be good at times.

Others want to access local content or a location in any country that has geographic restrictions. As mentioned above, it may need to check whether the provider has a VPN server in that country to access the content in that country.

Most users are interested in their privacy and are looking for solutions that keep them away from their governments’ intrusion! They prefer to choose a service that operates outside their country, and most VPN providers have servers in important Western countries.

The number of servers in any service is very important, if the service provider has a few servers, all users will call on the same servers, so the speed is very slow.

5: The number of IP Addresses available

It is best to have a VPN service that you choose to have many IP Addresses. It is capable of supporting many users and providing different IPs for them in each connection. On the other hand, IP Address and Black List access becomes less when there are more IPs.

It is also necessary to make sure that your VPN provider changes your real IP Address during your Internet connection. If you use the service to hide your identity, some VPN providers may not change the IP Address of your users. The tools I mentioned in Chapter One.

6: Supported operating systems

It’s important to make sure that your VPN provider supports your operating system, smartphone, tablet, and browser where you browse websites. Most VPN providers support known devices, systems, and browsers, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and others, but some do not provide a special application for services on smart devices such as iOS and Android devices, but only the user to adjust the settings on these devices.

7: Money back guarantee

For paid VPN providers, most of them give you free service for a certain period as a trial, and if you are subscribed to the service and paid for it, you can recover your money if you do not like the service or have some problems changing your mind about the service.

Some service providers only take one month. If you withdraw from the service, you must request your payment within this period.

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