Cheap Ways To Keep Your Home Free of Pests

Do you have a problem dealing with all manner of pests in your home? Did you know you can keep your home pest-free by spending less? Keep reading as we explore further in this text. Most people struggle due to the menace of pests’ elimination.

Others spend hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of this nuisance. What most people don’t know is that it only requires creating hostile surroundings for pests and other bugs.

Wave Pest has useful information on affordable and effective pest control methods. Below are cheap and effective pest control methods you can try at home.

Cover all openings

These are the entry points through which pests get to your home. Look for any craps or gaps more so on walls where there is a pipe connection. Also, laundry outlets are likely to have cracks where bugs can gain entry.

Check the stripping on your doors or windows and fix the cracks immediately. Also always shut the doors in the garage.

Likewise, cockroaches like hiding when it’s dark, and if there are cracks, they will surely get in. Therefore seal any gaps where they can access your home.

Use a flytrap

Flies can be a nuisance and can make one lose their appetite when they cling to food items. Fortunately, you can make a simple fly trap and eliminate them from your home.

You’ll need cider vinegar and soap in a large bowl. They love the smell of vinegar, and when they approach to taste, the soap splits and the fly drowns.

Make several traps and place them in strategic places around your house. However, this method can work against you if you place it on the window since more flies would come to taste the vinegar.

Maintain a clean environment

Most often pests will come looking for something to eat, that’s why you’re likely to find them in the kitchen. Leftover food will surely attract ants or sugar ants. Clean the kitchen every night and sweep any food on the floor.

If there is leftover food, keep the containers closed. Similarly, wipe the tables or the countertops. Use the vacuum to clean regularly and rinse any waste container before throwing it into the bin.

Do you have a pet? Ensure your pets have a clean place to eat and always clean or sweep off any food leftovers. It’s pretty common to find ants feeding on your pet’s food, look for a feeding mat for easy cleanup. Alternatively, get a large plate for feeding.

Pests will hide in places with grass, heaps, and fallen leaves. Keep your garden clean always. Cut off any hanging branches and weed any unwanted plants. Collect any waste or garbage and put it in trash cans.

Termites, cockroaches, or ants hide where there are piles of wood, especially if the ground beneath is wet. Collect any wood in your yard and stack it away on a rack.

Keep a dry environment

Pests love moisture and watery surroundings, therefore ensure your home is dry and eliminate any wet areas.

Inspect your home for water leakage and use caulk to fix the leaks. Check on the pipes or tubs and fix any water leaks. Inspect the basement and check if there are dripping tubes. Check the ceiling and seal any holes where bugs can gain entry.

Open the windows and allow for more air, thus allowing for freshness and preventing a breeding ground for bedbugs.

Eliminate mosquitos

Mosquitos suck blood and are annoying since they may leave your face looking all read. They also transmit diseases such as malaria.

Keep your surroundings free of stagnant water where mosquitoes are likely to lay hundreds of eggs. Their breeding place is where there are open places with water. Drain the water or throw some mulch and soil in the water pockets.

You can also eliminate mosquitos by use of garlic which is a repellent. Notably, most insects will disappear when they smell the garlic. You can also use cinnamon or eucalyptus to get rid of mosquitoes.

Plan periodical inspections

It’s important to engage with professionals to come and inspect your home regularly. You can easily book an appointment with the guys at Positive Pest. Just schedule an inspection to check for infestation of pests and the affected area.

They will thoroughly inspect and treat your home before a manifestation of termites or bedbugs. Do ask for a package as that will help you save some money as well.

Keep your pets clean

Dirty pets can carry insects such as fleas and bugs. These insects can bite you and cause itchiness or eczema. Ensure your pet is clean and have a regular vet appointment. Wash their vetting and keep their areas clean.


Pests are a nuisance, and some control methods are out of reach to most people. You can follow the above cheap methods to get rid of pests and have some relief.

However, if the problem of pests persists, it’s important to consult a professional.

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