The Cheapest Places to Travel for Each Month of the Year

We have all heard the typical myths about traveling. You have probably heard that January is the best month for traveling. If you want to book plane tickets, Tuesday is the best day because the prices are the lowest. Andy Jackson from Assignment Help who offers assignment help for British essay writers reviews topics related to traditional myths in every country and says that people adjust their traveling behavior on these myths.

While some may be true, released new data about traveling. You can manage to travel in each month of the year. And you can do this cheap! The trick is you need to carefully choose the best destination for every month. Some periods of the year might be more crowded, especially during the holiday season. But there are hidden gems that wait to be discovered and that can offer an amazing and cheap experience.

Places to Travel for Each Month

1. January

If it is January, then Japan is a perfect choice. The drop in prices is about 35%, so if you have always wanted to visit Japan, now is the moment. It is important to keep in mind to avoid Japan during spring. It is the moment when all the cherry trees blossom and everyone wants to see that.

Osaka is a great choice for a short visit. The city is a mix of modern and ancient history and it offers activities for everyone. For example, if you like nightlife, Osaka offers a vibrant experience.

2. February

February is the perfect time to visit Ontario. Canada has a lot of great destinations, but Ontario is the cheapest in February when the prices are down by 21%.

It is your chance to relax and enjoy the last winter month. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and it has a great light festival. You can see it from January to March and you cannot miss it.

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3. March

Buenos Aires is the perfect destination in March. Even if the flight takes a few hours, the prices will make you forget this. You can find four-star hotels at about 55$ per night, which is awesome.

If you are not into luxurious accommodation, a hostel room price starts at 5$ per night. How cool is this? You can start packing your travel accessories and book your flight. You can visit iconic places like Plaza de Mayo or Casa Rosada.

4. April

April is the perfect month for a cheap trip to Chicago. The harsh winter is gone and the city starts blossoming. The hotel rates are down by 54%, compared to the high peak season. The city is full of museums and restaurants. You can even visit Lake Michigan if you are in for a nature walk.

Kate Markle, from Essay Writer Service and a UK essay writer, who offers the best essay help and assignment service, says that Chicago is the perfect city to relax after a busy period.

5. May

May is the last month of spring, so the weather begins to be warmer and warmer. During summer the prices are high in some destinations, so May is the perfect month to visit Greece. Santorini has become a popular destination in recent years and attracts millions of visitors every year.

In May, the prices are down by 45%, so you can enjoy the warm weather and the crystal blue water. Greece is a country full of history, so visiting ancient temples is a wonderful activity.

6. June

If you want a cheap trip in June, then Beijing is a perfect choice. All year round there are a lot of domestic holidays, but June is a free month from this point of view. This means that typical tourists avoid visiting Beijing this month.

You can get to see the Great Wall and other tourist attractions at your own pace. They will be less crowded and you can enjoy your trip.

7. July

With the peak travel time being in December – February, Sidney is the best destination for July. You avoid the seasonal crowd and also visit Australia at cheap prices. During July, the prices are down by about 44%. The temperatures are about 18 degrees Celsius, so you avoid the hot summer.

8. August

If you have always wanted to visit Germany, then August is the right time. Immerse in the beautiful and full of history capital Berlin. You can catch a glimpse of the sad history of the city, see the Berlin Wall, or other monuments that commemorate the Jews who died during World War II. Recent Data by says that you will save the most money on hotels in August.

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9. September

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the best option for September. Iceland is a wonderful country that offers amazing landscapes both in summer and winter.

Flights to Iceland are the most expensive during the winter months, as people want to see the amazing aurora borealis. You can visit Reykjavik in September, as it is less crowded and it has iconic places to visit.

10. October

If you want to head to a hidden gem, then Belize is the choice for October. It has a charming port in Belize City that opens to the Caribbean Sea. Everything is cheaper at 25%, compared to the high peak season. You can visit amazing museums where you get to catch a glimpse of Mayan history.

October marks the start of a new university year, so if you are a student you might have a busy period and no time for a holiday. You can get help writing college papers from the best dissertation help service or research paper writers.  You cannot miss the opportunity to visit Belize at the cheapest price ever.

11. November

Have you always wanted to visit Brazil? November is the right time. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the country and it offers a wide range of beaches and attractions to see.

During December the prices rise by 37%, so November is the best choice to visit the city. You can get to see the most iconic places, like Copacabana Beach or the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

12. December

December is the month of Christmas, so Christmas markets are the main attraction everywhere. Usually, the prices are higher during December because all people want to feel the Christmas feeling.

If you want to avoid pricey and crowded places, you can choose Kahului, Hawaii. It sounds like an eccentric destination, but the latest data reports that it is among the most discounted destinations in December.


You can visit destinations all year round at the cheapest places ever. You only need to carefully choose when to visit them. Save some money and keep an eye on the offers and discounts. For sure you can find a destination at the cheapest price.


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