Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Things To Know When Hiring A Lawyer

Suppose you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or some other type of personal injury. In that case, you need to contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Chicago is a thriving city and a major tourist destination, with millions of people visiting each year to enjoy its beautiful lakefront and world-class museums, shopping, and restaurants.

Unfortunately, this means the roads in Chicago are often crowded, increasing the chances of accidents.

If you were injured in one of these accidents, you should hire a Chicago personal injury lawyer to help you obtain compensation so that you can cover the costs of your medical treatment and lost wages. Here are five things you should know about hiring a lawyer for your case.

Hire Someone Who Specializes in Personal Injury Law

Many believe that all lawyers are the same, but this is not the case. Some lawyers specialize in areas like criminal law or tax law, while others focus on a particular area of law such as family law or employment law.

You should hire someone specializing in personal injury lawyers to handle your case rather than a general lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers have experience handling all personal injury cases, including car accidents, dog bites, bicycle accidents, and slip-and-fall injuries.

They also have a thorough understanding of the law related to these types of cases and can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies that are likely to come calling after an accident.

Choose a Lawyer Who Offers a Free Consultation

Many personal injury lawyers like Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. You can use this consultation to learn more about their background and discuss your legal options with them.

Once you decide that you would like to hire a lawyer to represent you in your case, they will begin working on it immediately by conducting an investigation to collect evidence and file a claim on your behalf.

They will not charge you anything for their services until the case is successfully resolved, which means you do not have to pay the attorney fees unless your case is successful.

Select a Lawyer Who Is Familiar With the Court System in the Area Where Your Case Is Being Heard

The laws governing personal injury cases can vary from state to state. Therefore, choosing a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the courts in the area where your case is being tried is important.

For example, a lawyer who has experience in handling cases in the state of Illinois but is not familiar with the court system in New York may not be the best choice to represent you in your case.

An experienced lawyer will know the local court rules and procedures, and they will also be able to take these factors into consideration when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.

Works on a Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not have to pay any attorney fees unless the case is successfully resolved. This arrangement allows you to receive the services of a qualified attorney without paying any upfront costs or fees.

In most cases, you will only have to pay a small percentage of the total settlement amount once the case has been resolved.

Review the Lawyer’s Past Successes

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your case, reviewing the lawyer’s past successes is a good idea. You can easily find this information on their website or third-party review sites like Yelp.

This will allow you to compare the lawyer’s past performances with those of other attorneys in your area. When reviewing the lawyer’s past successes, pay close attention to the types of cases that the lawyer has represented in the past and the results obtained in those cases.

This will give you a better idea of whether the lawyer can handle your particular case.


By following the above tips, you can find a personal injury lawyer you can trust to represent you in your case. It is important not to base your decision solely on the lawyer’s experience or reputation.

Instead, consider other aspects of the lawyer’s qualifications before hiring them to represent you in your case. Personal injury law can be complicated and confusing, so it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Reach out to an attorney today to learn more about your options and receive personalized legal advice.

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