Chin Implantation Surgery in San Francisco, California and its Benefits

The chin is an important feature of our face. Your face looks perfect when your chin is perfect. An improper chin may make you look much older than your actual age. If you feel your chin is not adequately proportioned with your face, you can always go for chin augmentation or chin implantation, a cosmetic surgery.

Chin implant is a sensitive surgery for which you need to approach a skilled specialist. Dr. Michael R. Macdonald is one of the most popular facial Plastic surgeons located in San Francisco, California. Specialized in cosmetic and facial surgery, Dr. Michael is board certified as a Diplomat of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Diplomat of American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He treats and gives the most natural-looking results to his patients with the least recovery time.    

Reasons Why People Go For Chin Implant Surgery:

  • Upgrade a weak chin
  • Reduce the appearance of the doubled chin
  • To strengthen the jawline and neck area
  • Balanced facial look

Benefits of Chin Implant Surgery:

Chin implant surgery has various advantages. Let us look at them.

  • Improved facial features: Chin implant surgery fixes a weak chin and enhances the overall facial look. It gives you improved and attractive facial features.
  • Perfect Jawline: Chin implantation may also give you a perfect and refined jawline due to alteration of the underlying structure. However, there is separate surgery for jaw implants; you may not require it after successful chin implantation.
  • Enhanced side profile: Another benefit of chin implantation is that it gives you an improved side profile. Many people are conscious about their looks from the side view. However, chin implantation is the solution for an enhanced side profile.
  • The balanced structure of the nose: The nose is also an essential facial feature, just like the chin and the jawline. Proper chin implantation will create harmony across your face by balancing the structure of the nose and chin.
  • Natural look: People often think that chin implantation gives an unnatural look. This is not true. Chin implantation, when performed accurately, gives you a very natural look.
  • Boosts confidence: You are more confident when you look perfect. Chin implantation provides you with a beautiful facial look, which in turn boosts your confidence level.

After the chin implantation surgery, there will be some swelling which will subside in a month. You need to avoid any activity that pressurizes your chin for at least a month. If you are in San Francisco, California, and wish for chin implantation, then you may get in contact with Dr. Michael’s surgery center.

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