China Travel Safety: Is China Safe to Travel?

In general, China is one of the safest places in the world for traveling, as people are very friendly and honest. The crime rates are also quite low, so even if you prefer traveling alone, there shouldn’t be much for you to worry about.

However, there are still some things you need to be aware of before going to China and to help you stay as safe as possible, here’s what you should know.

The coronavirus

At the moment, China is doing its best to stop the escalation of the problem. This means that many festivities and social gatherings that were supposed to be held during this time are being canceled.

Moreover, some popular tourist attractions have been closed too, and there is no reopening time yet.

As for the virus itself, the government has reacted quickly and they are keeping the world informed, so it is best to keep up with the news and plan your vacation in a few months when the risk of catching the virus should be much lower.

Speaking of news, it’s a good idea to check out the Week in China website, as you can find all kinds of information on different topics on it.

Crime in China

As mentioned, crime rates in China are very low – but they do exist. It’s a mostly petty crime that can be an issue, and tourists can be vulnerable if they aren’t familiar with common scams and potential risks.

The main advice here would be to simply use your common sense, especially around crowded places that are popular with tourists. Be careful at night as well, and don’t go to areas that are known as less safe.

Theft in China

Related to the previous paragraph, your wallet, phone, jewelry, laptop, and everything that can be grabbed from your hands would be a target.

So, make sure not to flash your wallet when paying for something, always keep your purse where you can see it, and try not to get caught in a crowd with your valuables dangling around you.

Also, be careful when using public transport, as pickpockets tend to operate in those areas. In short, handle your things in a way that would make it much harder for anybody to grab them from your hands.

Moreover, even if you like wearing jewelry, try not to have too many shiny items on display, as it might make you look like you have a lot of money on you.

In general, be careful about your valuables, check your pockets often (or better yet, don’t have anything valuable in them), keeps things in your purse, and always keep one hand on the purse, especially in crowds.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters in China can happen, and if they do, the smartest thing to do is follow the instructions of the local authorities.

Floods and landslides, for instance, can happen from April to September, since that’s the rainy season. This is most important if you like visiting rural areas around rivers, and mountainous areas, like Tibet.

Earthquakes can also happen, and Sichuan has had a few more serious ones in recent years. However, they are not common enough for you to worry about, and they can’t be predicted.

Additionally, typhoons mostly hit the southern and eastern coastal areas, and they usually appear from June to August. All in all, don’t forget to check weather reports when traveling to China.

Other safety concerns

If you’ve been watching the news, you’re probably aware of protests in Hong Kong. However, even though they might last for some time, they don’t seem to be posing any threat to tourists.

In other words, you should be able to enjoy your stay regardless of the protests. Of course, you should be cautious when traveling to Hong Kong, but it’s still relatively safe.

Moreover, if you’re worried about exit bans, they are usually used on Chinese citizens who are trying to leave China and not so much on foreigners.

After all, tourism would suffer greatly if the government decided to cause discomfort to all international travelers, so this should not be something for you to stress about.

All in all, if you’ve always wanted to visit China, there’s no reason not to. If you’re worried about the virus, you can always postpone your trip until the coast is clear and spend more time planning your perfect vacation. Other than that, if you’re careful and informed, you’re bound to have lots of fun.

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