How Do I Choose A Podcast Hosting Platform?

Podcasts are very popular right now. Whether you are listening to talk shows, or mystery stories and cases, it seems like everyone is getting into podcasts. If you are trying to start your podcast, there are a few things that you need to consider.

One of the more important factors that you need to look into is which of the many hosting platforms are you going to use to record and share your podcast.

Here are some things that will factor into that decision.


When it comes to choosing a platform to host your podcast, the first thing that you will typically look at and compare is the price. Your budget will help you determine what package you can afford, especially when first launching.

The information provided online from provides more factors to consider than just the simple cost. These will create varying packages from basic to premium to consider depending on your broadcasting needs.

Bandwidth and downloads permitted monthly

Bandwidth and downloads are one of, if not the most important factors to consider when it comes to podcasts. One of the many factors to consider is how much streaming you plan on doing.

This will depend on the number of listeners you expect to have and will also translate to the number of downloads you have monthly. Different platforms will provide you with different offers to consider. Unless you are confident in your pre-launch advertising, it is advisable to start with more basic packages and upgrade as you grow.

Ways to monetize

Some platforms will offer you the opportunity to monetize your podcast and provide easy ways to earn money. Of course, not everyone is essentially interested in casting for financial reasons, so these options will vary depending on the purpose of your shows.

monetize your podcast

Can you embed your player?

If you are running a business or a company, this is an important feature you need to consider. The ability to embed your stream will allow you to put a player on your company website or a certain page.

This will help a business engage more easily with clients and companies, keeping them on your website longer and providing extra services and communications through your podcast stream. Doing so ensures that your customers are not distracted and their attention won’t be pulled away because they have to go to another platform to listen to your podcast.

RSS links

Social media will play a big role in attracting listeners. RSS links are perfect ways to market your podcast or share your podcast on other social media platforms. This is one of the many ways to advertise your show and also allows you to be active and interact with your audience outside of your show.

A podcast service that has RSS links will allow you to grow faster and build a better-connected community, especially for new and smaller shows.

Getting on popular podcast streaming services

This is an important factor for those who are starting newer podcasts, and just as important for those who are primarily casting for entertainment purposes. If you want to grow your podcast, and the show itself is not being used to promote a business or website, then you want to get onto all the popular streaming platforms.

This will give you the best potential for growth as the audience you will have access to will be much larger. If you are focusing a lot of your attention on the statistics and numbers side, you will want a podcast platform that provides you with the information you need.

What do their analytics show?

If you are focusing a lot of your attention on the statistics and numbers side, you will want a platform that provides you with the information you need. Many platforms offer data and analytics, but you need to research to see if the information they provide is what you want to help you plan your show in the future.

These data packets will include things not just the number of listeners but can also show the listening length and retention, as well as the best time to schedule and the geographic locations of your listeners. All this information should come in handy to help you make any adjustments and tweaks to gain more listeners.

Do they have any promotional offers?

With many platforms being comparable in terms of the services they provide and their cost, one other thing to keep an eye out for is the different offers certain companies and platforms have. Many sites offer the first month or first few months free, and that can make all the difference with new and growing podcasts that have yet to launch.

Your budget will be tight if you are a new intellectual property and saving a few dollars here and there in membership or registration fees will be helpful to get those wheels turning.

When starting a podcast, treat it like any business. Do your research ahead of time factor in all your needs, and balance that with your expectations. Once you understand that paired with what different platforms have to offer, you will be able to make the right decision in choosing your hosting platform.

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