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Buyer Tricks: How To Choose The Best Model Variants

Almost every car model today has two three, five, and even ten variants. Truck models like Isuzu D-Max have slightly over 20 variants. One variant, it’s a 2 door cabin pickup and the next is a 4 door pickup. In this model, you’ll get a 2 seater Isuzu D-Max as well as a 5 seater Isuzu D-Max – all with different horsepower ratings.

Equally, if asked to choose a Mitsubishi Triton variant that will serve you best, it’s most likely you’ll call for a car expert to help in making your choice. And since this is the trend with most cars, what factors should you consider when choosing the best model variant?

With each variant distinct from the other, how do you choose the top trim? With most of the car variants looking almost the same, choosing the best can be a more daunting task opposite of what many think.

In the first instance, you will go for your dream model after long deliberations about exterior design, transmission systems, color shades, and even interior configuration. Infotainment integrations have become an integral part of our lives.

Funny though, you find one variant compatible with a voice assistant or Apple devices, and it the not yet it’s the same model. check used cars in Baton Rouge Land Rovers, LA. Find your perfect car with Edmunds’s expert reviews.

To start with, here are the primary factors you need to consider:

a- Your budget

The first thing that comes into mind when the desire to own a car is conceptualized is cost. Given the price of cars is determined by their features, how to navigate between budget and the features you need is an easy decision.

Since car dealers and manufacturers have flexible and friendly financing plans, it’s not advisable to compromise on features. But if you are strict on a budget choose the variant that lies within it.

As for institutions, the status of the variant the staff rides on should match the status of the institution. Therefore, if you are buying cars for a company, the set budget shouldn’t come before the reputation of the company.

b- Resale value

This factor relates well with car owners who are addicted to riding on the latest models. I mean people who buy and use cars or trucks for a short duration and then resell them. Certain models depreciate at a higher rate compared to others. Toyota, Porsche, and Tesla have a wide range of car models with the best resale value.

Since every car variant starts to depreciate immediately after it starts to roll on the roads, it would be wise to choose the variant likely to fetch an amount almost equal to the buying price sold as a used car.

A car with a high-performance package, sunroof, leather seats, alloy wheels and all power controls in good condition will attract a high resale price whether on trade-in or used car yards.

c- Safety technologies

We all want to protect our lives, that of pedestrians and those of the other occupants. The car is also worth protecting as it’s costly to repair or replace in case of collision damage.

Buying a car variant equipped with the latest safety technologies that are meaningful is a big plus. A model with front and side airbags is safer to drive than a model with only the traditional front airbag.

When searching for the most important safety features in any variant, choose the variant loaded with laminated and hardened automotive glass, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Adaptive headlights, and collision avoidance systems and technologies.

Almost every new system incorporated into a car variant has its importance. Every feature included in a car has an impact on the pricing. It would be unwise to go for a model adequately loaded with many systems that wouldn’t have a major positive impact and yet you’ll have to pay for them.

d- Suitability of use

From the examples given in the first paragraph, a pickup with 5 doors will serve you better if you work as a team. But for family use, you need to incur the cost of 5 doors fitted in the top trims. 

If you need a model for your city rides, does it make sense to incur the cost of a four-wheel-drive car?

As if you are a great fan of going on adventure and summer vacations, top variants of the Kia Telluride, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ram 1500 and Lincoln Navigator are among the best. It’s the towing capacity and drive system that should influence your choice.

e- Extra features

Cars come with so many features some of which won’t make a difference if removed. Other systems like social media integration systems mean a lot to the current youthful generation but are not a must-have. Considering the intended use of the car and the importance of the extra features, it’s upon you to decide whether to pay for them in the top trims or not.

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