How to Choose the Right Font for Your Logo? 4 Secrets Inside

When we think about logos, the first thing that comes to mind is its design, font, or other pictorial elements. Creating a logo is like distilling all the aspects of your company or business into a single graphic. That, of course, is a very complex task. Deciding on the right font for your logo is also an essential task as it communicates crucial details like the name of your company and industry.

Your customers associate your company the most with your logo font. Logo and the font used are crucial in creating the first impression to the audience. The assumptions they make about your business or company will be based on your logo and the logo font. Choosing the right font for your logo is crucial to make the first impression the best one.


Tips on choosing the right font for your logo

Before choosing a font for your logo, here are some tips that you must keep in mind!

Keep it simple

While selecting the logo font, you have to make sure that it will look attractive on any surface or size. Simpler fonts with standard elegant style will thus be perfect. A logo with such a clean font will be easier to reproduce across different products or promotional materials.


Use a font to reflect your brand identity

The primary purpose of a logo is to make your company and its name recognizable and memorable. Thus while choosing a font for your logo, try finding the font that perfectly matches your company identity—trying as many fonts as you can help you conclude.

To help you understand more about how logos play a significant role in conveying your company’s motive, let’s look at an example. Will you be able to accept if a law firm and a bridal shop have the same font? The two businesses stand for two extremely different purposes. If they have a similar type of logo font, it won’t appeal to us as customers. This is why choosing the right font for your company logo is very important to convey the right message.


Avoid using trendy fonts

In this fast-paced era, no trend lasts for a long time. What is trendy today may be forgotten in the future. Thus using trendy fonts may affect your logo’s reputation in the future. So while choosing the font for your logo, pick the font that reflects your company’s motives rather than going after the day’s trend. Suppose, while building a website in which you need a Barber logo maker, using a font as plain as Arial or Calibri would not be suitable, instead a creative font will be much more attractive and catchy.


Avoid using too many fonts

Using too many fonts for your logo may not give a pleasing look to your logo. One logo or, in extreme cases two, is your best choice. And the usage of a lot of fonts might also create distrust in your potential clients.

You may have noticed that all high-profile companies have abstract logos with a single font. Even though using more than two fonts for your logo might seem more attention-seeking than going for single regular fonts, that attention in most cases won’t be positive.



The font of a logo not only communicates the name of the company but also communicates the sense of style and your company’s personality. Logo fonts thus directly influence the thoughts and emotions of your customers. Your brand and your logo must be in sync with each other.

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