Choosing A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

A large number of people are willing to spend time and money to purchase the best vacuum cleaner available since it will help them save time and keep their home cleaner. Based on reviews of a large number of customers Dyson is the top manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in Singapore. However, there are many models of Dyson vacuum cleaners available for sale online and offline.

So a person who is interested in purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner for his home would like to find out the different features of the vacuum cleaners, and how they affect cleaning with the appliance.


One of the main features that the appliance buyer should consider is the number of cyclones in the vacuum cleaner. The higher the number of cyclones the greater the force with which the gadget will be able to throw the dust and dirt it has collected in the bin, without clogging the filter. The more expensive Dyson V11 model has 14 cyclones while the cheaper Dyson digital slim model has 11 cyclones. The suction power is also more for the more expensive models like the Dyson V11 which has a suction power of 185 AW, which helps it remove all the dirt easily. The cheaper models have a lower suction power of 100-115 AW.

Bin and accessories

Each of the Dyson cleaners has a bin in which the dust is collected while cleaning. The capacity of the bin determines how long the user can clean without halting to empty the bin. The small models of vacuum cleaners have a dust bin of smaller capacity at 0.38 L while in the larger models, the dust bin capacity is higher at 0.54 L. In addition to cleaning the floor, it should be easy to use the vacuum cleaner for other cleaning tasks, like crevices. Hence the buyer should also check the number of tools that are supplied with the vacuum cleaner, some of the better models have 8 tools, while the older models have fewer tools.

Battery capacity

Another consideration while using the vacuum cleaner is the capacity of the battery supplied, which indicates the time for which the battery can be used when fully charged. In some models, the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner will vary depending on the cleaning mode which is selected. The power consumption in the spot cleaning mode is higher than the normal suction mode. In the suction mode, the vacuum cleaner can be used for a period that varies from forty minutes to one hour depending on the model which has been selected. The charging time for the battery will also vary.

Dyson has invested a large amount in developing high-quality rechargeable batteries for their range of cordless vacuum cleaners. Hence the battery charging time for the newer models of vacuum cleaners is lower. For the convenience of the user, they can purchase an additional battery and charger for the vacuum cleaner.

So when one battery is drained, they can easily replace it with the fully charged battery and continue with their cleaning, instead of waiting for the battery to get recharged.

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