An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Music Band

With a wedding coming up, there are a million more things on your to-do than usual and that’s a handful! From the venue to the rings, food, and convenient transport for your guest– all of it needs meticulous planning and attention to the minutest detail. However, there is perhaps nothing more promising than wedding music to make your big day memorable for one and all.

Choosing a great band can add that touch of subtle beauty to your ceremony that will tie two hearts on a new journey together. As wedding entertainment bands come in all shapes and sizes and are equipped to play various musical genres, you need to do a bit of research to find the one that speaks to you and strikes a chord with your musical temperament.

Here, we are giving out the tips you need to make the search easy, stress-free, but on-point:

Consult Your Wedding Venue

There is a reason why choosing the venue is the first business you must take care of while planning a wedding. Because every other thing gets decided to the venue! Measure up the entire space, whether you can have a podium to arrange for your live-music band, and if the venue administration has a restriction on the volume.

Note down all restrictions that the administrative board at the venue might impose regarding decibel levels to inform your live band accordingly. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law on the big day and disrupt a lovely congregation of family and friends! You need a band that can skillfully modify and suit their performances to the parameters of the venue. On the same note, the instruments to be played can be decided from early on to fit the bill perfectly.

Ask an Agency of Good Repute

Not all wedding planners turn out to be enthusiasts of the indie music scene; you just might be someone with no clue about the good bands in the town at all. And what do you do when your knowledge falls short and Googling does not give up details? — Ask an agency that specializes in the subject!

Before the wedding bells start to ring really loud, call a top-reviewed entertainment agency and get sufficiently informed on city bands that do wedding gigs. Experienced people in the field will be able to give you an overview of wedding music A-listers, present a comparative price analysis, and make expert suggestions based on your unique requirements.

With some entertainment agencies, you may also get the benefit of them talking to the music group on your behalf and striking a good negotiation on price.

The other plus-point of communicating to hire-worthy bands through a professional agency is to get access to multiple acts through a single gateway. You may very well choose to hire two entertainment groups for the same night, different slots.

Some, who haven’t had much experience at throwing great parties would reasonably be having some anxiety about the security of booking processes with individual music groups. But, when doing the same through an agency, it is safer as both parties– the hirer and the music band, have to sign a legally binding document which can be waived in case there are any breaches.

You need to make your peace of mind the top priority pre-wedding and booking through agencies just to ensure it is better. In the age of digital advancements, it is also super easy to check which entertainment agencies offer fair service at the most cost-efficient prices, insurance from abrupt cancellation, and other necessary stipulations. Try checking out reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, and Google any day!

Budget Your Requirement

Weddings are such occasions when you just want to kick up your heels and party, enjoy each moment of the big day to your heart’s contentment. In such a mood, people tend to spend unnecessarily more than what they need, only to be plunged into a sea of regrets later on about misspent things.

We ask you to budget your plans well beforehand to avoid this. Go through the catalog of wedding music bands or individual artists who are willing to perform from the entertainment agency you have signed up with. You would be amazed to see the range of their prices.

It could practically be anything from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands! In addition to the performance charges, there could be extras involved. Often when wedding venues are away from the city, you would have to consider giving the band some travel expenses and accommodation.

From your end, request producing the bill showing price breakdowns– performance charge, charges for setting up sound and lighting equipment, and possibly DJing on some remix numbers.

Budgeting beforehand will stop you from overspending, or underspending. Many bands are open to negotiations, ultimately coming up with reduced line-ups. If you set your budget straight from the onset, you can convince people to tow down and meet you halfway in the bargain!

Select Your Musical Preference

 Most wedding bands you will find are going to be versatile, capable of playing anything from 80s pop to smooth jazz and even electronic dance music. The genres and styles should be well defined by the band you are going to hire for the ease of your decision-making.

Demand to hear their suggested soundtracks. Ask for access to their online channels and video performances to get clearer ideas. Some of the reference points when instructing your band of choice on your preference of music are – whether you would like them to engage the guests on a lively dance floor, the song or group of songs that bring back fond memories for both you and your partner, the order of the songs- from slow to fast rhythm, and thematic music for the highlights of the ceremony.

Remember to draw in as many opinions and preferences as you can from your close ones, family, and friends to decide on the chartbusters on your big day. Music on the day of this merriment is something to bind together every attendee in a happy collective memory.

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