Easy ways to Clean your Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond is one of the most complex substances existing in this world. That means it is possible to cut even the most challenging part of the rock. clean your diamond, they still need to be taken care of off so that they maintain their brilliance. Suppose you wear the ring every day, just like any other thing it will get dirty. That means you need to clean it to have it in its beautiful state. Naturally, diamonds sparkle when they have directly lit. You need to always keep in check its condition so that you can maintain its looks and cleanliness.

Your ring will be made dirty by the cosmetics that you wear in the likes of lotion, hairsprays, makeups, or even perfume. Getting a simple cleaning procedure at home will always bring it back to its sparkling standards. And the best way to do this is by making a solution using warm water and soap. You can choose to sock it to have the dirt clear or use a gentle brush that is soft to clean it gently and rinse it later.

If you want your lab grown diamond rings to look their best, ensure to clean them once every week. That is enough to clear off the everyday oil that may build up on its bay. The bottom line is taking good care of it such that in the end, you are in a position to take care of the diamond engagement rings and maintaining their cleanliness.

This guide will help you know the essential ways you need to follow to have a clean diamond engagement ring. Here are some ways through which you can clean your diamond engagement ring.

Use the steam cleaner at home to clean your diamond engagement ring

It is cheap to buy a steam cleaner for your home use to clean your pieces of jewelry. The steam cleaner uses high-pressure steam to clear off all the oil, dirt, or anything lodged in your engagement ring. Besides, the great thing about it is that it will take relatively little time to clean the item. All you need to do this is water which you won’t buy. Be careful when using the steam cleaner since the hot steam and high pressure can be dangerous if you care. Be watchful while cleaning to avoid nasty encounters.

Ultrasonic cleaner to clean the engagement ring

You can opt to use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any dirt from your diamond engagement ring. Be sure always to maintain a good shape to remain appealing like the day you received from your loved one. Although it takes much more time than the steam cleaner, you need time and patience to have the best results. For this one, you will need to buy a cleaning solution that is best for use when cleaning your jewelry. It is less expensive to use still when compared to the steam cleaner. You can also use the machine to clean other items like your glasses from time to time.

Bowl of warm water and soap

This method cannot compare to the first two options, but it will clean your diamond ring in the cheapest way possible. You only need warm water in a small bowl, mix it with about two drops of dishwashing soap, and place it in the bowl for about five minutes. Once the time is out, switch the soapy water with a bowl of plain hot water to rinse your ring for a few seconds. It is essential to dry off the ring and any water sports through compressed or by use of a sport till it is dry entirely.

Take your ring to a professional jeweler

If you don’t have access to the machines to clean, visit a professional jeweler to do it for you—the jeweler must have essential tools to restore your ring to have a new look that you will love. Therefore, if you don’t want to make any investment in getting the cleaning machines, this is the ideal way to have your ring clean. The professional jeweler can clean it for you for a fee.

Avoid cleaning your diamond engagement every day

You would love to see clean every day is your ring, but cleaning every day may cause unnecessary wear out as it will likely have side stones getting loose. It is not recommendable to have your ring cleaned every day but instead like twice or thrice a week. If you have t get a professional jeweler to do it for you every time, it may get costly, and it may wear out faster as their cleaners are more powerful.


Your diamond engagement ring holds a sentimental value that you need to keep for as long as you are married. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of it by following steps that leave it cleaned and sparkling all this entire period. You can also have your other jewelry taken care of in the same procedure. However, ensure not to have it cleaned every additional time to the extent it wears out.

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