3 Ways to Clean Your Electric Kettle

You are likely to use an electric kettle in your daily life! But are you sure that you know how to clean it properly? Today we will discuss some quick and simple ways to do it that will ensure that you always have good quality water.

In the era of technology, a lot of homes in the occidental world are filled with different gadgets and appliances that are made to make our lives easier.  Among these kitchen appliances are leading. The kitchen is one of the central rooms in our homes because it is where food is born. As much as we enjoy eating food, many don’t have a lot of time to spend on preparing it. That’s why we are investing in equipping our kitchen with different essential machines. 

 One of those that you can indeed find in almost every kitchen is an electric kettle.  This small appliance is trendy and convenient. Most people are using it for making tea or coffee because it can boil water much quicker than the traditional pot that you put on the stove. However, this machine is more versatile than most people are aware of because you can also use it to boil milk, egg, or other things quickly.


Another reason why everyone wants to have it is that it is super simple to use. Regardless of whether you have a cordless electric kettle for tea or a model with a cord, there is just one button that you need to press for it to start working. 

If you have an electric kettle, you certainly know how easy it is to use it. But do you see another perk of this machine – cleaning it is also super straightforward?

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Cleaning the Electric Kettle

Many people use electric kettle without giving much thought about cleaning it. However, not only that it is useful to do it, but it is also super simple, and there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t do it. 

Why is it useful? Well, after you have been using it for some time, mineral deposits will begin to build up in the machine.  Most households have hard water, so this isn’t unusual. However, when this happens, it can slow down the device and cause the quality of water to deteriorate.

This is, of course, frustrating but perfectly manageable so you don’t need to worry. Here are three ways how you can clean your stainless electric kettle and all other types as well.


Cleaning with Vinegar

You need just distilled vinegar, water, brush for scrubbing, and microfiber cloth.  Let’s see how to clean the electric tea kettle with vinegar.

  •         First, make a solution of water and vinegar. Keep in mind that the ratio should be 1:1. When you combine the liquids, pour them in the kettle.
  •         Then you can plug, turn on the kettle and let it boil.
  •         After it cools down, you can start cleaning it. Scrub the inside of the electric kettle with the solution still inside.
  •         Wipe the outside with the cloth.
  •         Pour the solution out and rinse the kettle through plain water
  •         Fill it back up with water and rerun it.


Cleaning with Lemon

When you think of lemon, you probably believe about lemonade, sorbet, and many other things but not descaling. Well, believe it or not, lemon that has fantastic antibacterial and antifungal features and can be super-efficient for cleaning cooking appliances. 

  •         Cut one lemon into slices
  •         Fill half of your compact electric kettle and squeeze lemon juice
  •         Run the pot for about 8 to 10 minutes
  •         Spill the water and take out the slices
  •         Rinse the device several times


Cleaning with Coca Cola

It is a known fact that Coca Cola is suitable for cleaning. But did you know that you can use it for descaling as well? The thing is that Coke contains carbonic acid, and it is effective in dealing with hard water build-up.

  •         Pour Coca Cola in the electric kettle 1 liter
  •         Boil the Coke and leave it for about half an hour
  •         Rinse the fastest electric tea kettle few times to remove smells



As you can see, there are plenty of ways to deal with limescale build-up in the electric kettle. Besides this that we mentioned you could use sodium bicarbonate in the same way as vinegar. Whichever of these you choose, you will be on the unique path of maintaining your appliance correctly and making sure that you use it for a long time.

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