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Cleaning Tips for House Sharers

Housemates can quickly become the bane of your life if you clash when it comes to cleaning. The life and soul of the party may not be so much fun to live with when they forget to load the dishwasher every night.

Cleaning Tips for House Sharers

Inexpensive cities like London, sharing is often the only affordable option though. While many shared houses now use professional cleaning services to keep the peace, there still needs to be a system in place to maintain cleanliness between visits. Whether you have the luxury of a housekeeper or not, here are some top cleaning tips for house sharers from London’s best cleaning platform, TidyChoice.


Talk about cleanliness before moving in

Talking about household chores may not seem like a priority when you first move in together, but establishing rules and standards is essential for maintaining healthy roommate relationships. Don’t feel scared or ashamed for bringing it up – if your housemates are worth keeping around, they’ll thank you for being mature enough to raise important issues.

If you’re the new housemate moving in with others, ask about cleaning routines when you have your viewing.


Have a rota in place

Have a rota in place

If you don’t have a cleaner, it’s essential to have a rota in place so that everyone pulls their weight. This can be done in a way so that everyone helps with different cleaning tasks. For instance, you could all be responsible for washing up on alternate days or sharing tasks like mopping the floor. Or if it works better, you could all have your own areas of responsibility. So one person is in charge of the bathroom while another person is in charge of cleaning the kitchen.

A blackboard or whiteboard is a great way of keeping track of cleaning that needs to be done. It acts as a constant reminder for different members of the household. Use ticks to mark off tasks so that it’s obvious what hasn’t been completed (and by whom).


Use technology to handle reminders

There are many different apps out there that can help you stay organized. Let’s face it, everyone’s busy so keeping on top of chore rotas isn’t easy. Plus, nobody wants to be the ‘bad guy’ who dishes out orders.

Apps like Clean My House or Our Home can help you delegate different tasks to users and send out reminders, removing the tension and awkwardness from your relationships.


Set ground rules for parties

Be clear about the cleaning and tidying that needs to be done after parties. If you’re entertaining as a household, make sure everyone is delegated a task. If you are entertaining alone, make sure you have the house back in order before your roomies return. Always give out prior warning if you’re planning something and assure everyone that the house will be fully cleaned afterward.

Set ground rules for parties


Have a dedicated storage place for cleaning tools

The best way to encourage cleanliness in others (and yourself) is to make cleaning an easy, accessible, and hassle-free task. Keep all cleaning solutions topped up, replace old or redundant tools, and make sure everything is clearly labeled.

Have a dedicated area to store all cleaning equipment so housemates can find things easily too. This will make the cleaning process run smoothly and prevent setbacks. Excuses such as “sorry I didn’t wash up but I could find the washing up liquid” will never happen again.


Use a professional housekeeper service

For business professionals who work long hours, a domestic cleaning service is the easiest way of keeping the place looking tip-top. This means you can focus on work, socializing, and building relationships with your roomies. At the same time, good cleanliness and hygiene are still vital elements and everyone needs to maintain a tidy, conscientious approach.



We hope that you found these tips useful and would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for making it to the end of the article. Don’t be shy and leave a comment. These cleaning tips are brought to you by TidyChoice, a handy platform for London cleaners and housekeepers in your neighborhood.

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