Top 6 Clothes Hangers for a Premium Closet

Closet hangers are probably one of the most underestimated parts of your organization habits. You probably ignore them altogether and then it’s difficult to find a reason why your closet doesn’t look at its best. That is what we are going to address here. You can have the best clothes hangers at some affordable prices. And after reading this article, we are sure you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t use them until now.

Here we mention the top 6 cloth hangers that you can use to increase the premium factor of your closet. Also, these will help you maintain the quality of your clothes and avoid any folding marks. So, there’s no reason why you should not consider them in the first place. However, let us remind you that you can get confused between these six different types.


The Different Types of Hangers

a). Velvet Hangers

If you want a classy closet and your clothes are delicate, velvet hangers are the best bet. They take the least space when compared to wood and plastic. You can go for any color of your choice along with different sizes. The frame is lightweight, and they are not as expensive as they look. Velvet hangers do not let clothes slip off anytime because of a rough and gripping surface for the garments. The best velvet hangers are the ones that are matched in color for a seamless look.


b). Wire Hangers

Another mainstream idea for your closet is wire hangers that don’t bend. You can use any type of wire hangers made of a material that doesn’t rust. These hangers are lightweight and space-saving but heavy enough to withstand a whole standard dress. You can have different sizes in sets and provide a premium look to your closet.


c). Heavy-duty Hangers

While the name doesn’t suggest the material used in these hangers, plastic is the primary stuff. These hangers have the strength to hold any of your belongings with power. They have a low profile that again withstands wait up to 12 pounds. However, these are not as bulky as you might think. Heavy-duty plastic is used that gives them a grip on the clothing. These are slim enough to save some space in your closet as well. You can order them in different sizes according to your clothing.


d). Standard Plastic Hangers

Other than the heavy-duty material, plastic can also act as another affordable alternative. These are the most versatile hangers you can buy today. The ideal size, color, texture, and purpose are readily available. These might not look like heavy-duty hangers but can hang a whole breast. Never underestimate an affordable hanger if you pick it the right way.


e). Wooden Hangers

It’s probably one of the most common choices to hang heavy items. These are actually wearing helpful when you want to avoid any wrinkling or folding marks on your suits. Choosing metal and plastic over wood will be a mistake if you’re going to hang heavy items. Wooden hangers have a flat profile to give you a clutter-free experience in your closet. You can utilize the space more wisely and at the same time, provide a premium look to your wardrobe.


f). Collapsible Hangers

Sometimes your closet needs accessories that can also be used while traveling. Collapsible hangers resolve this purpose. If you go on navigation or a road trip quite often, collapsible hangers are probably the best bet. Please come in the smallest sizes and allow secure storage of your luggage. And do not underestimate that capability at home as well. They can save a lot of space and also withstand heavy-duty tasks but only to an extent.


Analyze the purpose of each of these types of hangers, and you’ll find that’s more than one is suitable for you. Shortlist the model and purchase them right away.

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