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Travel is expanding around the world and the world is getting smaller by the day, thanks to new technologies. The desire to travel and to discover new places and new people is growing, and companies of all kinds are trying to invest a lot of money in this business. 

The real estate market is no exception. On the contrary, the real estate market is a leader in this, because everyone who travels must live somewhere. Of course, most people want to live in the best and highest quality accommodation, where they will feel good and where they will possibly meet new like-minded people.

Coliving offers all these and more. If you want to know more about this type of housing, you will find a clear and detailed article about Coliving here. Thanks to the above, the Coliving community is constantly expanding and spreading not only in the USA but also around the world. That is why today we can come across Coliving companies from Germany, Italy, France, Bali, the Czech Republic, Spain, Japan, or Australia.

People travel for different purposes, causing Coliving to develop rapidly on all the continents. So far, Coliving can be found mainly in larger cities, but because of the speed of development, it is also reaching less populated places. Shortly, we can expect a rapid increase in this type of housing all around the planet.

The Coliving community is interesting in that it brings interesting people together. Thanks to this, long-term friendships are formed. It would be very difficult to find such a great diversity of people and cultures anywhere else. Using this type of housing as your short-term or even long-term housing option will provide you with a generous amount of information, thanks to the community. There you can meet people from different continents and discover new information, foods, languages, customs and so on.

When Coliving started, it relied primarily on the price and availability of quality housing at a very reasonable price. This means less price than is offered in hotels or Airbnb rentals. 

Today, this factor is still one of the main pillars of widespread Coliving, but other pillars such as community and quality have added to it. With the increase in competition in the Coliving business, Coliving companies are ahead of the world in offering their clients better and more advantageous services. That is why the quality of Living communities around the world is constantly growing. 

The community of people is developing hand-in-hand with quality and development. Some people are seriously considering living this way all their lives or at least for the greater part of their lives. According to them, this is because they can live and work directly from the apartment for a year or two and then move quietly to another continent, meet new people, live for another few years, and then move again to somewhere else, and so on. In this way, the community of Coliving guests and Coliving business is constantly being formed.

Coliving has gained importance in recent years mainly due to rising housing costs and a lack of housing opportunities. It links two aspects of people’s lives together: physical space and shared values ​​or philosophy. In large cities such as New York or San Francisco, it is possible to find large, modern apartments, in which each has its room (with or without a bathroom) and a shared kitchen and living room, or a terrace or roof garden. You can find different apartments with different staff. These include Living artists, young entrepreneurs, or digital nomads.

An important factor accelerating the popularity of the crown of shared housing is the increase in the age at which people enter into marriage and start a family. European statistics show that today, on average, people get married at the age of 31, compared to 29 in the year 2008.

The average age at which young families have their first child has also shifted by two years, from 27 to 29 years. These are two key milestones in the life of each individual, which are the main trigger for interest in having their own house. As Coliving experiences a delay in completion, the number of people living on rent also grows.

The background to this development is, among other things, the growing number of university graduates. The years after graduation are dedicated to building a career rather than starting a family. This is especially true for women, who go on to become more financially independent with higher education.

The growing population of cities is giving rise to enormous interest in affordable housing and, consequently, its deficit – in this respect, Coliving is one of the options for solving this problem. All this adds to the fact that the Coliving communities are constantly expanding.

Although roommates have been here for a long time and you probably also shared an apartment or room with your classmates or friends during your young years until you became independent, the trend is changing a bit and roommates are now modeling people for what comes later in life. In the USA or Western European cities, such as London, Amsterdam or Vienna, Coliving is already a common form of accommodation.

That its popularity will continue to rise is more than certain. Therefore, even though Coliving is still in its infancy in the world, this type of housing is a huge opportunity not only for entrepreneurs and investors but also for the people themselves who want to discover new things and meet new people.

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