Bright and Colorful Bathroom Design Ideas for You to Try

The bathroom is the kind of room that we tend to spend most of our time in – but for most people, it ends up looking plain and boring. Granted, there is a certain elegance to white walls – but what if we want to bring more color into our lives? Color enthusiasts, there are a few ideas from RTA Cabinet Supply for you to make your bathroom stand out and seem more alive than ever.

1- Yellow Walls and Colorful Floors

If you want to add more color to your bathroom, here is an idea for you: colorful floors and yellow walls. Yellow is a warm and welcoming color – so take as much yellow tile as you need to cover the walls – and leave the ceiling white for uniformity. As for the floors, you may go crazy here; simply choose a mix of colors (e.g. blue, orange, gray, pink, yellow, and cream) and add them to the floor. You don’t necessarily have to worry about any patterns.

2- Cherry Red and White

A wall full of glossy red tiles and some red bathmats are a nice and cheerful way of adding some personality to an otherwise boring bathroom. Some would say that the color scheme is a “hospital-esque” one, but this is mostly because it gives off some germ-free and clean aesthetics. Plus, the color mix is vibrating with elegance and life – taking away everything that says “boring” from your bathroom.

3- Pale Blue and White

If you want to focus more on the “bright” rather than on the “colorful,” then you might want to go for the pale blue and white color scheme. Granted, while the pale blue does not pop out in the same way that cherry red or bright yellow would, it still manages to bring elegance and vibrancy into your bathroom. Plus, blue is a traditional color that has a serene feeling about it – a calmness that would make you feel at ease. Mixed with some windows that leave natural light in, it will certainly make your bathroom feel all nice and bright.

4- Lavender and White

If you want to go for a sleek, retro-looking bathroom, then you will certainly love this color scheme. Go for contemporary lines that you would normally find in a modern bathroom and juxtapose them with white, modern-looking bathroom appliances. You may also go for large-scale wallpaper if you do not wish to retile the bathroom – but make sure that the wallpaper is in an area where the steam can’t reach as well. In the end, while lavender is relaxing and soothing, it will still bring quite a lot of color to your bathroom.

5- Green and White

Green is calming and soothing by nature. Since it is practically a “color of rejuvenation,” it is a fantastic choice for bathrooms. That being said, green is often overlooked considering that it is such a stunning color. No matter if your favorite choice is emerald, sage, or mint, this versatile color is good for both modern and traditional bathrooms. Mixed with some white wall portions and white pre-assembled bathroom vanities, it will also make the entire place seem bright and airy.

6- Turquoise, Gold, and Pink

Tired of the classic two-color white combos? Do you want something crazier and more daring? If you use a specific bathroom scheme, it does not mean that you have to display all of the parts equally; in fact, it is quite the opposite. You just have to figure out which one you wish to set as the dominant color, and then use the other colors to enhance the power of the dominant one. For example, if you went for turquoise walls and cabinets, then you might want to bring out that color even more by using a gold mirror frame and a pink table.

Final Thoughts

You might like the security of neutral colors, as they are a surefire way to design your bathroom for the years to come. However, color is not something that you should steer clear of either, as it will make your bathroom seem much livelier. You just have to determine which color suits your tastes the best, and then work on a color scheme from there. Most people use white as a “mixer,” but you may use any other color combo.

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