Committed: How to Celebrate Your Love Without a Wedding

Is having a wedding the greatest show of one’s love?

Must you have a wedding to perfectly celebrate your love?

I get asked these questions a lot and in all honesty, they are valid. For you to ask such questions, you must be committed and want to stay with your partner for life.

The truth is, you don’t really need a wedding to celebrate your love. In fact, a wedding is usually more of a celebration for those that come around than it is for the couple themselves. It’s sometimes more about your friends and family than it is about you and your partner. Oftentimes, I attend weddings where at the end, both couples are tired and totally clueless about how the celebration went.

That’s because they weren’t really interested in that tradition from the onset. They just wanted to love and be loved. They just wanted to show that they were committed to the other person. However, a wedding was the only means they knew. Quickly, I’ll run you through some ways to celebrate that special feeling you have with your special one without having a wedding.

1. Go on a vacation

For people that are quite elaborate, they could have their wedding ceremony span for as long as a week. But what if you could do something like that, but a little different?

What I mean is a vacation is like a prolonged wedding, only that you don’t have so many people and strangers around you every time. You don’t have to shake many people or even lend out a smile when you’re worn out. You don’t even have to go out at all. You could go on a vacation to some fancy hotel or grand resort. There, you would have fun, have all your time reserved for your partner, and gather as many memories as you can. Beautiful right?

Asides from that, this is a more economical option. Instead of breaking the bank to rent a hall and feed so many hungry mouths, you would just spend so much less on your relationship. That’s an equally nice way to show your commitment; that’s an elaborate way to quietly say ‘I love you and only you

2. Pick a special date in your relationship

Dates are very important and they are one of the best ways to recall beautiful memories. Say you met this stunning lady on the first of July, and you two got to know and love each other later on. You could pick that first of July as a special day for you both. That was the day you met who was later going to be the most important person in your life. You should celebrate it. In fact, make an anniversary out of it.

Every year after, take yourselves out on that date and remind each other of how strong your love is and all it’s been through. Even without a wedding, you already have a day every year set aside for the one you love. If that isn’t celebrating love, then I don’t know what is.

3. Party like hell

Going to a courthouse to make your union official is great, no doubt, but we all know that can be so much of a bore. The long, stereotypical vows, signatures, and all sorts could make you anxious and worn out on even your wedding day. So here’s the thing: how about you skip all that?

Instead of sealing your love in a courthouse, why not put it to bed at a party where you’re all smiles and happy?

Don’t go to court, go to the club. That sounds more like a proper celebration of love. Have your friends and family come over, get a DJ, and party like hell. Love is a happy feeling and something worth celebrating. You shouldn’t have to take that away by going to a courthouse.

When you’re done partying, you could round it up with proper, wild sex. Partying usually gets people in a nice mood so slipping from the club into a sensual mood atmosphere will be seamless. Asides from that, you’re both celebrating a special day for you both, so she might just give you a bj to celebrate the occasion. By the way, here’s a solid material to help you finally get one if it has been eluding you. The BJ Powerplay will show you how to earn and consistently get BJs from your woman in three easy steps. You should check it out.

4. Book a shoot with your partner

Nothing helps you reminisce better than pictures. In my opinion, it’s a very valid way to celebrate your love and remind yourself of what you’ve committed yourself to time and time again. Go to a nice location, get a proper photographer, take some nice shots, frame them, hang them on your wall.

Every time you pass by them, you’re reminded of that special period when you decided to commit yourself to your lover. This is a celebration of love, and it is one that doesn’t get forgotten with time. It is new every morning. Unlike a wedding, it doesn’t cost much, neither does it involve third parties. It only frames in the one that matters.

To make it more fun and personal, you could go for the shoot at the very location you met. It could be at a bus terminal or work or church. But wherever that is, a perfect shot at that location will have ripples of beautiful emotions. That will be you capturing your love, showing where it started, and how far it has come in one picture.

5. Write your vows

I’ve been to quite a number of weddings and there is this thing about vows being kinda off. Sometimes the folks involved don’t really identify with the things they’re asked to say. Other times, those words aren’t good enough to express how they feel inside. You could skip that tradition also and celebrate your love better. Write your vows yourself and pick a date where you exchange them. Nothing communicates your intentions and commitments better than your honest, heartfelt words.

So on that day, you read yours then hand over the letter to your partner, and they do the same. In my opinion, that’s much better than reciting something that’s been written by, maybe, an entire stranger. If you want, you could invite friends and family over to grace the verbal celebration of your love. Or if you two are private folks, you could do it over a nice and cozy dinner in a restaurant you both like. It doesn’t really matter where actually, what matters are the vows to be read.

6. Pick a family tradition

We all hail from different backgrounds and that goes a long way in determining how we express or celebrate love. For some, planting a tree is significant to their love journey. For others, it’s a sand ceremony. Whatever it is, pick an age-long family tradition that matters to one or both of you and honor it alongside your love. If you’ll be planting a garden, plant it as a sign of a good beginning for your love. Nurture it like you would your relationship, and rain on it like you would rain on your partner in every way.

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