Common Brands Of Wine And Beverage Coolers

It might be time to get a wine cooler if you enjoy drinking reds and whites on a regular basis. These useful devices sometimes referred to as wine refrigerators, regulate temperature to preserve all of your bottles at the ideal serving temperature and in excellent condition. 

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According to Jordan Salcito, sommelier and the creator of the canned wine spritzer company Ramona, “they’re a means to maintain the essence of the wine.” Additionally, she continues, they “may raise the value of wine intended for maturing.” 

Our top recommendation for a wine cooler is the Samsung 51 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler, a dependable alternative with a reversible door that you can open from either side and a capacity of 51 bottles. However, we’ve included information on a number of other deserving options ahead.

You must decide what features you want in a wine fridge before you start shopping. First, decide how many bottles you’d want to keep in the refrigerator. Larger wine coolers can hold up to 80 bottles, while smaller versions can only carry six standard-size Bordeaux bottles. According to Holly Berrigan, the creator of MYSA Natural Wine, you should also consider your personal preferences in wine. 

For instance, if you just consume white wine, you can definitely get away with a single-zone wine cooler that maintains a single temperature within the refrigerator.

However, if you enjoy consuming a broad range of mixes, you’ll likely need a dual-zone cooler to keep your bottles at various temperatures all while using the same appliance. 

Finally, think about extra features like lockable doors and energy-efficient systems, and take a minute to decide where you want the fridge to go. We’ve compiled a list of the top wine coolers available, from dual-zone models to affordable choices, to help preserve the flavor and quality of your favorite reds, whites, and rosés. The only thing left is a good set of wine glasses.

Samsung 51 Bottle Wine Cooler is the best wine cooler overall. Reviewers of wine coolers adore the Samsung model because of its high caliber, potency, and performance (it can hold a whopping 51 bottles). It truly has everything: two temperature zones for your preferred reds and whites, five stainless steel shelves that slide in and out with ease, and LED illumination for times you want to quickly scan your inventory. 

The wine cooler also has the choice of built-in, under-counter, or freestanding compatibility, as well as a reversible door that can be opened from either side. The cooler’s compressor, which removes heat from the inside and maintains stable temperatures, is covered by a five-year warranty from Samsung, setting it apart from competing products in this price range. This cooler will cost you more than $1,000, but it is well worth the expensive price.

NewAir Built-In Compact Wine Cooler is the best wine cooler cabinet.

For a clean, classy aesthetic that won’t clutter your house, NewAir’s wine cooler may be fitted right into your cabinet. Your party guests won’t be “borrowing” bottles of wine without your awareness thanks to interior features like adjustable shelves and LED illumination that are simple to regulate and handy to use. Additionally, this fridge takes up little space—just 12 inches.

Black + Decker 8 Bottle Single-Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator, Best Small Wine Cooler

A smaller wine fridge will probably provide you with all the room you want if you have a tiny kitchen or don’t consider yourself to be a serious wine collector. The eco-friendly thermoelectric cooling technology in this little Black + Decker model makes it both energy-efficient and almost silent.

The shelves can accommodate up to eight Bordeaux-sized bottles, so although being on the smaller side, it still has a fair capacity. Additionally, because of its freestanding form, you may put it wherever in the kitchen or basically any area.

NewAir has a top under-counter wine fridge. 29-bottle built-in dual-zone wine refrigerator

The modern model from NewAir is the one for you if you’d want to store your cooler under your kitchen counter. Even though it is only 15 inches long, it can accommodate up to 29 standard-sized bottles. Whites and rosés may be stored at different temperatures in separate zones, and a lockable door keeps them safe. To preserve your wines in pristine condition, this wine cooler also has digital temperature settings and a carbon filter.

Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone Max Compressor Wine Cooler is the best dual-zone wine refrigerator

This dual-zone model is one of the premium wine coolers offered by Wine Enthusiast. This freestanding refrigerator is designed for people who enjoy drinking, for instance, white wine and rosé since it will maintain the proper temperature for each bottle of wine (which you can adjust with an LED touchscreen). Additionally, it can carry all of your favorites because of its 32-bottle capacity.

Koolatron Urban Series Thermoelectric Wine Fridge is the best wine cooler for the money

The little but formidable wine cooler from Koolatron is affordable and compact, yet it delivers a powerful punch thanks to features like digital touchscreen access, a UV-protected door, and eco-friendly thermoelectric cooling technology.

If you’re not planning a wild party, this cooler’s six-bottle capacity is more than enough to last you through the weekend. Additionally, because of its freestanding nature, you may put it wherever you choose.

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