Common Ways To Earn Money Playing Online Games

Making money online playing games was considered by many as nearly impossible a decade ago, but as video games improved with technology, the possibility of earning money playing online games became a reality.

Many have viewed playing games online as a waste of time, but there is profound money involved in competitive video gaming. This is an opportunity to get paid while doing what you love most. So, can you make money online playing games?

The answer is yes, one can make money playing games. However, the amount of money earned is largely dependent on commitment, luck, and expertise. 

Despite your gaming skills, you can still earn money online, it might not be as much as you want, but as time goes on and as you improve on your gaming skills you can earn much more. Average professional online video players can make an average of $60,000 per year, and top earners can earn as much as $15,000 per hour.

Casinos might not pay you cash but can reward you with tokens or coins which you can exchange for gift cards or shopping vouchers. Several online casinos pay you for playing games, some pay you for just playing a game – they pay for your time.

Some pay you for betting and winning games. An example of such a casino is the skrill casino. Here are some of the common ways to make money playing video games.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Professional Gaming: This is the most common revenue for gamers. Competing in a professional online game tournament gives you prize money. Prize money is a portion of a tournament’s prize pool received by a player for being the best or among the best in the tournament. However, first place gets the largest share.

The prize money for online tournaments is increasing at an astonishing rate, reaching up to several million. To know the size of a tournament, both the total prize pool and the number of players are measured. For multiple-player games, the prize money will be split among team members.

Make Money Playing Video Games

Where most gamers find these money-earning games are on eSports. Here you can compete in well-structured competitions, either as a professional or amateur.

These tournaments are watched and streamed live by millions of people. Some of the games you can compete for include fighting games, first-person shooters, and card games among many others.

Salaries: If you’re skilled enough to join an eSports organization, you can earn up to $50k as salaries with other benefits for playing video games. This can only be earned by a professional gamer.

Gamers do not only need to rely on prize money for revenue but also on salaries, with this, they can compete without additional stress and without fear of losing money. Some teams even offer better benefits to players to attract the best of them.

Sponsorships: Another way to make money gaming is through sponsorships. This is when brands pay you to promote their products. Gamers gather a sizable fan base from their supporters and the public. This makes brands like Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and AMD sponsor these gamers in exchange for promoting their products.

Game Tester: Game testing is for those with a critical mind, those who love to try new games, and for those who like to find the weaknesses of games.

Being a game tester means you get to test the final version of a game by trying to find out ways to break or jumble the game, analyze and extensively report why it may or may not be fun for users, and also carry out matrix testing before it is released to the public. You could get up to $67,813 per year.

To get this position, you have to be a successful and established gamer in the industry. Some companies employ in-house video game testers; this is a good way to earn money as a gamer.

Streaming: Streaming may be the most standard way for non-competitive gamers to make a living in the video game space. You can make up to $40,000 per year streaming your gameplay, either solo or with friends, in real-time.

The most popular game streaming platform is Twitch, with this platform you can earn more money streaming online. The more loyal subscribers you have, the more you pay. Donations and advertisements are another way individuals make money from streaming platforms.

Online casinos:  Online casinos are another way to make money playing games. For some casinos, you’ll need to deposit a certain amount of money to start playing and earning money, however, for others you get to play with a deposit bonus when you sign up. You can access online casinos with your phone or a computer, which makes it possible to play and make money on the go.

You can find lotteries, raffles, digital slots, Blackjack, and poker. You can play any of your favorite games to win cash prizes. If you want to make money via this option, endeavor to assess the casino to ensure it is genuine and legal to play in your country.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the various ways to make money playing video games online, sit back and think of the best option for you. There are no easy options, all of them need commitment and creativity.

It starts as fun at first, but as you earn more, it becomes a job and takes out the fun of it. It takes time, money, and hard work to make gaming your only source of income, so think thoroughly before you decide.

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