Commonly Endangered Horse Breeds in The World Today

There are several American conservation groups that have made conclusive reports about several pony breeds and unique horse species that are facing a strong risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Some of these horses have a population that is lower than even ten thousand of their respective breeds in the world. Some horse breeds have only about a hundred horses left. In this article, you will learn about some of these endangered horse breeds.


The reasons for this probable extinction

The reason for these low numbers might be easily explained because of a lack of any demand in our times. This can be however also a helpful thing. This will mean that breeders who are responsible will not go on breeding during the times of economic recessions, especially since there would be no further demands to find new foals. But those horse breeds that had been rare much before any economic recession will face a difficult challenge to find a diverse genetic stock that might help to keep that breed alive. If this is not done, then the horses will surely go extinct.


Some famous horse breeds that are now endangered:

  1. American Cream: This horse breed originated from one mare which was called “Granny” in the United States. It is the only draft horse that is a native breed of the United States. These horses have a unique color on their coats, and their eyes are amber in color.


  1. Suffolk horses: Suffolk horses are lower than eight hundred in number worldwide. Suffolk horses belong to the Suffolk region of England. It used to be an area that was filled with marshes and was really difficult to go into. Thus, the Suffolk horse breed was created. They were made to do extensive farm work and not for transportation purposes. These horses come in different shades of brown, chestnut color and have straight shoulders.


  1. The Cleveland Bay breed: This horse breed has a population lower than eleven hundred globally. These horses first originated in medieval times. They came from pack horses which would carry goods between different places. Today, they are used for entertainment purposes. They have a smooth gait and jump high; their gallop is beautiful to look at and is rhythmic.


  1. Caspian breed: This breed of horses has a population lower than two thousand globally. It is an ancient breed of horses that originate from Iran. They almost became extinct during the mid-1960s. Caspians are not too big; they are not extensively large. But they are bigger than ponies. They are more like miniature horses. These horses have a brown coat.

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Commonly Endangered Horse


Horses need special care, and it is vital that this care is given to them or else they will go extinct. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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