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Your Complete Riding Gear

Motocross is widely thought to be the world’s most popular sport of motorcycle racing. Motocross is derived from a French term blending motorcycling and cross-country.

Motocross tracks are commonly made up of hills, dirt roads, and mucky tracks and turn. The size of the courses allows up to forty riders to compete together.

In motocross, pro races are measured by time. A pro race commonly lasts for a half-hour. After this time, once the leader has crossed the finishing line, he is given a signal to show that there are 2 laps remaining.

On the next lap, he is given the one lap to go signal and the race is completed at the end of that lap. This is called a half-hour plus two laps.

Your Complete Riding Gear

Other motocross races might be determined entirely on laps so that the first rider to complete a predetermined amount of laps is the winner. The first 3 riders to finish the laps are known as podium riders and win first to third positions… Get all the info you need here.

Having the appropriate gear for motocross riding will not only enhance the experience but will also ensure other factors such as safety and comfort, are also addressed.

The following are some of the recommended riding gear for the sport:

The Gear

Boots – ideally the riding boots should come with a lot of different yet beneficial features. Having the appropriate amount of buckles would be one of the features looked for when making a purchase, as too many buckles would be too cumbersome to tackle.

The soles of the boot should also be bonded for added insulation and impact resistance. There should also be a tough sole with a metal shank included in the feature, with general heel support and padding for optimal comfort.

Gloves – these should ideally be made of weatherproof material. The tacky rubber index and middle finger surfaced tips would be helpful to optimize lever traction. Also having a pair that consists of lightweight twill on the backhand provides additional stretch and breathability features.

Goggles – getting a pair that can be used for all-day comfort is a wise option to choose as this will allow combinations of true anatomical fit with triple-layer face foam that wicks away any sweat buildup.

The UV protection feature should also be part of the package along with others such as the scratch-resistant lens and anti-fog treatment lens.

Helmets – the helmets should be designed to include rear vents for improved aerodynamics. The intake and exhaust vents for being well placed to ensure proper ventilation and cooling so that the rider does not get overwhelmed by the heat generated from the body during the riding stint.

There should also be a removable washable liner along with washable cheek pads and visors.

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