A Comprehensive Guide On Wood Lathe Machines And How You Can Use Them

A wood lathe machine is the type of tool that helps in fixing a workpiece on the rotating spindle and this machine is mainly used for machining or sizing the cylindrical workpieces. Generally, wood lathes have specialized tools that can do functions like inner and outer circle drilling, end surface processing, cutting grooves, threading, drilling, and reaming holes, knurling, coiled springs, and lots more.

This machine works on the electric motors and the spindle is rotated through the belt and the gear transmission system for driving the workpiece on the spindle chuck for rotation. After that, the lathe is fixed on the tool holder for turning the points. The main workpiece in the wood lathe is the round rod.

What Type Of Wood Lathe You Must Buy?

As per the experts, you have to consider various factors before you buy the wood lathe. It is not simple to keep in mind all the factors together. You have to think about the budget, space, and production goals. Do you need the wood lathe for just spindle turning or do you want to use it for making faceplate? One of the crucial things to keep in mind before buying a wood lathe is to know how much you can spend and what type of output you want from the machine. If you are looking for the best wood lathe for beginners, you have to keep on reading this blog.

There are various types of wood lathes available in the market- the mini, midi, and full-size lathes; each one has its strength and weakness that makes them either suitable or bad for the work. Not all the lathes available in the market can provide a similar type of work that you are looking for. For example, the mini-lathes are just great for turning pens, miniatures, and smaller items. The midi lathes are best for creating furniture and medium bowls. The full-size lathes can be used for any type of work. Here are some of the types of lathes described-

1- Centre wood lathe

It is one of the most used lathes available in the market. In the earlier days, the movement of the ordinary lathes was done with the help of a belt-transmitted lower wheel, but nowadays, almost all the modern-day lathes are operated with the help of gear transmissions. This central wood lathe is also called the horizontal lathe.

2- Vertical wood lathe

The main axis of this type of lathe is installed in a vertical position, the bed of this lathe is horizontal and the workpiece is placed on a rotating bed. This type of wood lathes is suitable for processing workpieces that have a large diameter but short length.

3- Automatic wood lathe

This lathe automatically turns as per the processing order of the work. After turning the machine, it will retract the tool, feed, and then turn then out the next finished good. This lathe is perfect for mass production.

Apart from the above types, some other lathes are bench wood lathes, current wood lathes, copying wood lathes, and so on. So, want to have a wood lathe at a reasonable rate? Contact us now…

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