Concrete Patio Designs and Ideas

Given a choice between using a wooden deck, paver stones, bricks, or concrete for their patio, Real Property Group in Harrisburg says, many homeowners will choose concrete.

Homeowners prefer concrete patios because they are highly durable; the material is tough and if properly maintained, it can last up to thirty years.

Compared to other materials, concrete offers several distinct advantages:

  • It will endure harsh weather conditions, without being adversely affected. Even in places with very cold winters, concrete will stand up to the extreme temperature changes in those locations.
  • Concrete, especially when reinforced with steel and rebar, has the highest compressive strength of any patio material. Its high strength keeps it from cracking under the weight of very heavy loads.
  • Although its lifespan is somewhat similar to that of a wooden deck, maintaining a concrete patio is much easier than looking after a wooden deck. Concrete patios don’t have uneven surfaces like pavers often do and it is not vulnerable to rot or termite attack like wood.

The only problem you may have with a concrete patio is they are not attractive. Many concrete patios do nothing to improve the aesthetics of your home. If there was a way to make your concrete patio as beautiful as it is functional, you would have just the perfect patio for your patio.

Thankfully, there is a way to do this; you can beautify the concrete patio in your home and make it an integral part of what creates your home’s curb appeal. As a matter of fact, there are several ways to enhance or even change the basic appearance of concrete and make it more attractive.

Designs ideas for your concrete patio

In the segments below we explore some of the exciting options for upgrading the look of your concrete patio.

● Paint a pattern on your concrete patio

Paint a pattern on your concrete patio

Using only paint and stencil, you can revitalize the appearance of old concrete or add dimension to newly-laid concrete. There is no limit to what you can paint on the surface. One of the best ideas when making patterns on a concrete patio is to create a faux rug.

Whatever design you choose for the surface, just make sure you power wash the concrete before painting it, to make the paint adhere.

● Lay a deck flooring on the patio

Lay a deck flooring on the patio

Adding deck flooring to your concrete patio will let you retain all the benefits of concrete and the aesthetics of whatever kind of deck flooring you choose. This is a project that can be completed in one day.

The cost of doing it is moderate, but the impact is unbelievable. To make the area even more attractive, you can install white fascia boards along the edges of the patio.

● Install a stained concrete patio

Stained concrete is one of the most fascinating flooring innovations of our time. By staining it, you can transform boring concrete into a surface with an amazing array of colors and patterns.

This can be done on a fresh concrete patio installation or an old floor. For old concrete patios, you have to use surface staining. For a new installation, the pigments are introduced while the concrete is wet.

● Lay slate tiles on the concrete

Lay slate tiles on the concrete

When you lay slate tiles over your concrete patio you essentially transform it into a subfloor. Just like the deck flooring idea above, this will give your concrete flooring the look of a different kind of flooring.

Depending on the kind of tile design you choose, you can get almost any kind of appearance you want such as hardwood, cobblestone, stone, slate, and many other colorful patterns.

● Install an attractive outdoor rug

If you didn’t like the faux rug idea mentioned earlier, here is a way to create the same effect, but this time you do it with an actual rug. This is something you can finish in a single day.

Outdoor rugs come in a vast range of colors, sizes, and designs and you are bound to find something you like. To complete the picture, add some nice outdoor furniture and no one will notice the concrete flooring beneath.

● Paint your concrete patio

This is different from painting a pattern on the patio. Here, you paint the entire surface instead of a portion of it. This idea is great if your patio has seen better days. If you have cracks and dents on the surface, painting the floor will help you hide them.

Of course, you can simply repair cracks in the concrete but they will still be visible. Painting the surface will give it a nice even look.

● Stamp the concrete

You can only do this if you are just about to pour your concrete patio. Stamped concrete offers one of the most versatile ways to design your patio. Your imagination is the only limit to the kind of patterns you can create.

By injecting colors into the concrete and also stamping its surface, you can create a lovely patio that is completely unique to your home.

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