10 Pro-Tips: How To Connect With A ‘Right’ Wrongful Death Attorney?

The bereavement of losing your loved one is inexpressible. But, if you got to know that it happened due to someone else’s negligence, conspiracy, malice, or incompetence, how would you react? Well, your torment and resentment will not make a difference, unless you choose to fight for this inhuman and unfair act of theirs.

But, what is the right way to proceed?

It is significant to have considerable knowledge of a process that can bring you justice. Filing a lawsuit not only gives a strong message to the person in default but also prevents the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

Filing a lawsuit requires a wrongful death attorney who is an expert in the field. This article focuses on how to choose the ‘right’ lawyer for such cases.

10 pro tips on how to choose the best wrongful death attorney for your lawsuit:

1. Sources to find a lawyer

This technological era calls for Google to find the answer to your every question and searching for the best wrongful death attorney on Google is not an exception too.

But, remember, the top searches are often the result of paid promotions by the lawyers. Hence, relying solely on Google will not help. Instead:

  • Try to get in touch with someone who has already filed a lawsuit for wrongful death, medical malpractice, or personal injury. Request them for a referral to have a dependable lead.
  • Pull out the list of our lawyers by connecting with a local bar association specializing in wrongful death suits. 
  • You can ask for a referral from a medical provider with whom you are acquainted.

2. Experience matters

The attorney you are considering for your lawsuit must possess the relevant experience to present your case strongly. Besides having a great career in the relevant field, you also need to understand:

  • Has the lawyer already handled similar types of cases before in their career?
  • If yes, what was the outcome of such cases?
  • Search them on Google to get reviews and news stories coverage on them to understand their potential.

3. Reputation concerns

Reference from another lawyer represents the stellar reputation of an attorney. If several people refer to the same lawyer, it vouches for their capabilities as a professional.

Lawyers who are often at media appearances don’t have time to interact much with their clients. Hence, the parameters of choosing the best attorney should not be dictated by the hype that they create.

  • Check out their online reviews posted by their previous clients to have an insight into their working style and proficiency.
  • Check with local courts if your attorney has ever been sued for any malpractice
  • If you know any lawyer, discuss the reputation of your wrongful death attorney
  • Check with the state bar association if any professional misconduct is reported against your lawyer

Legal skills are of utmost importance otherwise, no one would have required an attorney to file their lawsuit. It is crucial to follow your attorney’s advice rather than force upon your approach or virtue. Some significant questions to be asked from your attorney:

  • What is the potential ground for case dismissal?
  • What is the total value of the case? What are the factors that determine the increase or decrease in value?
  • What parties are you going to sue?
  • What are the specific legal arguments relevant to your case?

5. Preliminary Interview

A single conversation may not be enough to understand the acumen and skill set of your attorney but it gives you some valuable insights. Following is a set of questionnaires that you should not be reluctant to asking:

  • What would be a favorable settlement for your case?
  • What can I do to help you to win the case?
  • What is your ideal client like?
  • How frequently is he available to address your concerns?
  • Has he/she ever litigated any case with similar facts?
  • What was the outcome of such a case?
  • What are the odds of winning this case?
  • How long will it take to litigate or settle the case?

6. Wins and losses

After confirming from the preliminary interview that the attorney has filed several lawsuits on similar lines, the ratio of wins to losses depicts the track record of your lawyer.

The higher the wins, the better the credibility. A lawyer who has plenty of experience in handling wrongful death lawsuits should also be the winner in most of these cases.

Enquire about their recent cases and payout. After understanding the pattern of their wins and losses, you will be able to understand their capabilities well.

7. The cost

Well, the fees of your wrongful death attorney are crucial to know. No point in referring a lawyer whom you can’t afford. Ask your lawyer, if they can work on a contingency fee pattern. If yes, they will only charge a percentage of your settlement.

8. Network of your lawyer

There are higher chances to win if your lawyer has a strong network of qualified experts to assist with the case if required. If they have no such network, discuss the strategy they have to win the case. This expert connection also helps in bagging negotiations for your lawsuit.

9. Their courtroom experience

Many cases do not go to the courtroom and settle before their hearing. Your attorney must have relevant experience in trial and verdict cases. If you end up choosing a lawyer who is apprehensive about the courtroom, the chances of losing the lawsuit would be higher.

10. Law firm Vs. Individual

If you are researching for a law firm, it is again important to know who will be working on your case.

Although it is safe to file a lawsuit via a Law firm over an individual, there are certain aspects such as determining the point of contact, if the law firm has a suitable lawyer to file your case, etc must be considered before proceeding further.

Trust your gut feeling to find the ‘right’ wrongful death attorney for your case. These simple tips will help you to accomplish your mission of bagging justice for your loved one who lost his life due to someone else’s mistake.

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