Consider A Maxi Taxi For A Pleasant Journey

Maxi taxi, unlike a normal taxi, is much bigger and is often run by private companies; hence they don’t require a meter. The major reason one would opt for a maxi taxi is when one needs to accommodate more people comfortably.

A normal cab or taxi service can only seat up to 4 people and some luggage. If one likes to hail a cab off the road or is in a hurry, this seems like a viable option. However, when the need arises, only a maxi taxi can do the job of accommodating more people with ease.

The choice between both of them is not very difficult, and the fact that a maxi cab company often offers the vehicle for a multitude of services makes it easier to choose one according to the need.

One can make a choice even simpler by considering a few options and deciding which service to opt for.



  • The number of passengers that need to travel is the main concern.
  • Anything more than four people wouldn’t fit in a regular taxi. A maxi taxi, however, can fit up to 11 people along with their luggage which is an apt choice when traveling with family or colleagues.
  • Because taxi runs on a metered service, the amount as per the travel needs to be paid. With more people, instead of opting for more taxis, one can opt for a maxi that can seat the extra people for a nominal extra fee.



  • Cabs are registered as commercial vehicles and are often limited by location. Most of them won’t travel further distances, and one needs to find the right taxi to go to their destination.
  • A maxi taxi is a private vehicle that is capable of traveling to the decided destination, be it a city tour or a family picnic.



  • Taxis are often available and standing outside on the roadside and even available outside the airports. Finding a taxi for your desired destination, however, can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Maxi taxi works on booking and will reach the destination before time to save the trouble of finding one. They can be paid on for an hourly basis or according to the distance depending upon the requirement.

Taxi service is limited and is a good option for a few people opting for a point to point transport. When one needs additional services, one can opt for a maxi taxi, and a list of these services are mentioned below.



  • Traveling to a wedding can be hectic and accommodating a bunch of people in separate taxis is a painstaking task.
  • Maxi taxi offers this service and can ferry up to 11 people in one go, making the trip easier and more comfortable with the extra space.



  • Disabled people often find it difficult to board a taxi, and fitting their wheelchair can sometimes be a nightmare.
  • Maxi offers enough space to fit in 2 wheelchair-bound passengers, and most of the companies have trained professional drivers who can happily perform the task with or without extra charges.


Baby Seat

  • When traveling with a baby, one might have to carry their own baby seat, and normal taxis might not have buckle points to place them.
  • Maxi services supply the baby seats and are accommodated with buckle points to attach them. Most of them are also trained in attaching different types of baby seats if one is traveling with it.


Wrapping it up: Whether you are going to a picnic or to the airport with the family, or you need to carry the surfing equipment for a sunny day at the beach, the maxi taxi is the safest bet for a safe and hassle-free mode of transport, and one should consider booking it for an enjoyable experience.

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