Why You Should Consider Getting Burial Insurance Today

Aside from time, one of the inevitable forces that surround people’s lives is death. Every living person has to meet their end. Though the causes may be different, like old age, unfortunate accidents, or calamities, being prepared is the best way to somehow lessen the burden of the loved ones you will be leaving after your passing.

You might have already done steps in ensuring the future of your loved ones. Also, you probably already have heard or read about a burial insurance policy. And, because of the word “death”, you might have skipped it and dismissed it entirely even before knowing what it really has to offer. But, really, what is burial insurance?

A burial insurance policy is one of the many types of life insurance. It is meant to help you and your family with costs related to your death. The beneficiary will reap the benefits, which cover debts, as well as funeral and burial rites costs. Oftentimes, burial insurance is mistaken with preneed funeral insurance. However, they technically are two different entities.

Burial Insurance VS Preneed Funeral Insurance

Burial insurance and preneed funeral insurance are two different types of life insurance. Acquiring either of these two will greatly help your bereaved family at the time of your death.

Burial insurance is designed to cover the costs of your cremation or burial. Another good thing about this is that burial insurance is not only exclusive to that specific purpose. It can also be used by the beneficiary to pay the likes of pending hospital bills and debts. Says Robert Schmidt of Burial Insurance Pro ” many people prefer to address their final expenses and funeral cost by purchasing a burial insurance policy.  These policies will pay a lump sum, a tax-free death benefit to the beneficiary.  Families can then use these proceeds for any type of expense.”

Typically, a burial insurance policy can be whole life or an in-term policy. Both have monetary benefits that range from around 5000 USD up to 30000 USD. But, this can be much higher depending on the insurance company.

Though the purpose of preneed funeral insurance is much similar to the burial insurance, which is to provide your family financial assistance in case of your death, they are not the same. Preneed funeral insurance works by setting aside funds before your funeral happens. This specific insurance policy involves predetermining the costs of funeral-related services, which include funeral merchandise, like lights and curtains, funeral home service, as well as burial. This insurance policy can save you money as funeral services tend to increase every year.

Upon full payment, the preneed funeral insurance will be claimable for your whole lifetime. At the time of your death, the funeral service provider will be receiving the monetary benefits instead of your beneficiaries, which is the case in burial insurance.

Is It Practical To Get Burial Insurance?

Many people do not anticipate the costs of funeral services. These can rise up to thousands of dollars, which is a great sum of money for most people. Whether it is burial or cremation, the expenses involved are considerably high.

Here are some pieces of information you need to know regarding the costs of a funeral with burial and a funeral with cremation.

  • Funeral With Burial – This is the traditional way of honoring deceased loved ones. The average cost ranges from 10000 USD up to 15000 USD, which includes the overall funeral home services, casket, cemetery lot, and other funeral merchandise.
  • Funeral With Cremation – This is another way of honoring deceased loved ones wherein bereaved families choose to hold their remains as a remembrance. The typical cost of a funeral with cremation is around 8400 USD, which is a little less than the cost of a funeral with burial since the cemetery lot and other things needed for the funeral are omitted.

Here is a breakdown of the costs of a funeral with burial and funeral with cremation:

 Funeral With BurialFuneral With Cremation
Metal Casket2500 USDOptional / 2500 USD
Cremation CasketNot Applicable1000 USD
Funeral Service Fee2200 USD2200 USD
Vault1400 USDNot Applicable
Embalming750 USD750 USD
Cost For Ceremony500 USD500 USD
Cost For Viewing450 USD450 USD
Transfer Or Removal Of



350 USD350 USD
UrnNot Applicable300 USD
Printing (Memorial)160 USD160 USD
Service Vehicles150 USD150 USD
Flowers100 USD100 USD
Monument Marker1000 USDNot Applicable
Grave Plot1500 USDNot Applicable
Total11060 USD8370 USD

 *Prices on the table may vary depending on the funeral service provider or location.

As you can see above, the cost of having a funeral is not an easy thing to deal with. What’s more, as projected, the cost can rise up to 20000 USD in 10 years. Due to this, the reality is that some bereaved families just opt to take loans or borrow money to cover the funeral expenses. On the one hand, burial insurance can significantly lessen the financial burden to be carried by your loved ones after your passing. By doing this, your bereaved family will have time and space to grieve and heal instead of running around looking for money to cover the costs of your funeral.

Reasons To Get A Burial Insurance

Here are some valid reasons why you should avail of burial insurance:

1- Life Insurance Is Not Adequate

Some people might think that life insurance policies cover every single thing. Well, that is not the case. Most life insurance does not cover funeral and burial expenses unless your death is valid with their terms or you have extra add-ons to your life insurance.

Burial insurance, on the one hand, will work regardless of how you meet your end. The monetary benefits will be sent to your beneficiary as quickly as possible. On the contrary, life insurance could take some time before it can be released, which can burden your family more.

Typical life insurance has age brackets, which limit you from getting the benefits when reaching a certain age. There are life insurance policies that expire at the age of 70 years old. However, burial insurance is a life-long insurance policy that will be useful anytime an unfortunate event happens, and which can help your family as soon as possible upon the time of your death.

2- Lower Rates

Whole life insurance may cost tens of thousands of dollars, while burial insurance can be availed for as low as 1000 USD (in some companies). Most companies offer a minimum of 2000 USD; bigger companies offer burial insurance of up to 30000 USD or more. The average monthly cost is around 50 USD, and the most acquired base value is 10000 USD, which typically covers all of the funeral services and merchandise.

Burial insurance is not costly compared to life insurance with add-on policies to it. Also, it is a relatively small amount to invest in, from which your loved ones can truly benefit upon your passing.

3- Fast Application

Unlike any other insurance policies for which you need to fill out gazillions of forms and undergo several interviews, a four-pager form is enough for a burial insurance policy application. The forms you may fill out are as follows:

  • Personal Information Form: This form needs your private information, like name, birthday, age, and location
  • Health Background Form: This form is a typical checksheet to give the burial insurance service provides an overview of your health condition, which will determine your fees and the plan that suits you
  • Beneficiary Form: This is where you put the name of your beneficiary. It can be an immediate family member or a funeral service provider. You can also put a will to personalize your own funeral or give directions to your loved ones.
  • Contract Or Face Amount Form: This form serves as a contract that you will sign together with the insurance provider. This includes the face amount you will avail of.

Other insurance providers may have additional forms depending on their terms. In just a couple of minutes, your burial expenses will be covered in the event of your death.

4- Qualifying Is A Piece Of Cake

While other insurance policies, especially life insurance, would require you to undergo some medical tests and other procedures, with burial insurance, you need not be dealing with all these in order to qualify. You will just be asked a few minor health questions, and your application can already be approved in no time. Applicants suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, renal problems, and mental health issues may be asked about their conditions.

While burial insurance is marketed to seniors, there is not really an age requirement, so both young and not-so-young applicants can apply for burial insurance.

5- Can Pay For Your Medical Bills

Healthcare in some countries can be extremely expensive. It is one of the top causes of bankruptcy in some parts of the world, including the United States. There are instances where the patient had already been buried, but the medical expenses still haunt the bereaved family.

Fortunately, burial insurance can be used to pay for pending medical bills, which can ease the stress experienced by the family you will be leaving.

6- Covers Funeral Costs

As shown in the table above, funerals can be quite expensive. Having burial insurance will help your family to trim down or even cover all of the funeral costs, and still have spare money to spend on other important expenses. The burial insurance may cover all expenses, from the casket to grave lot, to other funeral-related merchandise.

7- Can Support Your Bereaved Family Financially

Aside from shouldering the medical and funeral costs, burial insurance is also a great financial aid for the family you leave behind. Since you can use burial insurance by any means possible, you can pay off mortgage and car loans with it. It can give them a standing ground for the adjustment period they will experience regarding their expenses, especially if you generate a considerable income for your family. Thinking ahead will spare them the stress of finding money while grieving over your passing.

8- Your Bereaved Family Can Mourn In Peace

Getting burial insurance will be much appreciated by your family since it will relieve them of unnecessary stress as all possible expenses have already been taken care of by you,  thus giving them ample time and space to mourn. That way, they can just focus on memorializing your life instead of mulling over where to get the money to pay for the funeral and burial costs.

9- Fast Claim Of Benefits

While you have the option to hold on to the benefits of burial insurance, your family can also get them as quickly as possible. Other insurance policies would ask you to make initial payments or comply with certain requirements before giving you the benefits, but that is not the case with burial insurance. In general, burial insurance can release the benefits to the necessary beneficiaries without the need to deal with particular prerequisites.

10- Allows You To Personally Plan Your Funeral

Burial insurance will give you the power to personalize how you will be remembered by giving you the opportunity to talk to loved ones or family about the kind of funeral you want. The insurance may also add instructions and other details with regard to your requests. This action can ease the minds of your family who might overthink how they will honor you at the end of your road. It will also showcase your unique personality as you are a part of the conceptualization of your funeral.

11- Gives You Enough Assurance

The thought of leaving your family may cause you to worry too much. Fortunately, having burial insurance will give you that peace of mind. You will be assured that your family will not be stressed out or encounter difficult challenges after your passing since you have already ironed things out.


Funeral and burial expenses have been rapidly increasing every year in the past decade. Fortunately, burial insurance can save you and your family from sudden costs with regard to your passing. It is practical considering the numerous benefits you can get, financially and emotionally. You are assured that burial insurance will provide your family with adequate assistance at the time of your death.

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