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Cool E-Bike Features You Should Definitely Be Using

Electric bikes are changing the way people get around, but a lot of people do not really understand how they work. In reality, they are more like hybrid bikes. There are many features E-bikes have that really make them stand out from the alternative. Take a look at these five E-bike features that you should be using.

The Pedal Assist

It’s not really fair to call pedal assists a feature, because this is essentially what makes an E-bike an E-bike. However, many people do not fully understand what this means. E-bikes have a motor that only activates when you pedal. This gives you an extra push, rather than doing all the work for you. There are a huge number of advantages of doing it this way, from ensuring you still get a good workout when riding to increasing your max speed as far as possible.

Extra Battery Power

The best electric bicycle has a stronger battery. Having more power on your e-bike naturally means you can use it for long before you need to charge it, but it has an extra effect that really appeals to some people. With a little more wattage, you can get a bigger boost from your pedal assist, meaning you can push your top speed higher. Some batteries let you get up to an incredible 28 miles per hour. That translates to extra minutes or seconds shaved off of your daily commute.

Solar Panels

There is an E-bike to suit everyone’s needs. If you do not like the idea of having to charge your bicycle, then you might be interested in a bike with solar panels built-in. These bikes can charge while you ride, and even while locked up waiting for you to get back. If you plan to ride your E-bike whenever you have a chance, this feature ensures that it is always ready to go and fully charged. In a funny way, despite being an advanced feature, solar panels let your E-bike emulate a traditional bike. After all, you never have to worry about charging a manual bike either.

USB Port

Here’s an interesting feature that you probably never thought you would see on a bicycle. A USB port allows your bike to charge your devices. You are free to go wherever you want without any worries about your phone or other devices running out of batteries. Some E-bikes with this feature can go as much as 40 miles on a charge all while keeping your devices topped up. Just like how there are custom bikes for heavy guys, there is a bike for people who love to use their devices on the go.

Extra Portability

It may sound silly to talk about portability as a feature for a bike. After all, it is a vehicle, but some E-bikes can fold in half. This is a feature that makes them easy to store or pick up and carry with you when you reach a point where you cannot ride anymore. E-bikes are innovating at an incredible pace and there is always an E-bike that will meet all your unique needs.

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