Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room Curtains

Many of us tend to follow certain trends in life. For instance fashion; some people regularly follow the most “in” of today’s fashion. It goes to show that one is not outdated in the current trends. Also, most of us follow certain upgrades like our mobile phones, computers, etc. to stay connected with the current specs our daily needs may demand.

One thing that is as important to gadgets and fashion is also updating our home décor, particularly our living rooms. If ever a visitor drops by, our living room will be a mirror of ourselves showing our charms, our taste, and our certain design styles. Some pieces of our home décor will stand out from all the rest when looking at our living rooms that are our curtains. Is updating our curtains necessary? Well, the big answer is yes as it stands as a big piece of our home décor puzzle.

Here are some cool ways to upgrade your curtains in your living room without breaking a big buck of our budget…

Choosing the right curtain fabric – By choosing the right curtain fabric, we will be able to break down the costs vs. benefits. Certain fabrics are costly yet difficult to maintain. Some fabrics are much affordable but the durability will be a trade-off. Some fabrics might be durable and budget-friendly however they will have a bad effect on our environment. One must choose the ideal and best-suited fabric for this application.

Choosing the ideal design – By choosing the ideal curtain design, one can prevent your curtain from looking out of place. For example, all of your upholstery furniture designs are in the festive design yet your curtains are just plain in color. We also need to consider if our curtain might overpowering in design than every other furnishing piece we have in our living room. We need a certain balance that would complement the furniture’s upholstery design. It should be a perfect blend of design and color.

Functionality – Each curtain type has its different functions. We might have a luxurious design and in-trend design in our curtain but the question is, does it do the job for a certain application? As an example, you choose to have plain, white linen curtains during the cold season. Somehow it complimented your other furnishing and it blended well but does it do its intended job in giving you warmth in this type of climate? In this case, you should opt for curtains that will suit the season or climate.

Yes, it will take a lot of planning and considerations to think of especially since you might also update your upholstery designs. But let me say this, There are many curtain types to choose from without totally changing all your furnishing fabrics just to suit your curtains.

With all that being said, here are the types of curtains that you might want to consider taking a look at if you might want to upgrade your living room curtains.

Silk Curtains – These are those smooth, durable types available in the market today. These are also what we call some of the natural fabrics that are good for the environment as opposed to synthetic ones.

Linen Curtains – These are those curtains that have beautiful drapes in them yet very strong fabrics.  It also does not block the sun’s light very much and it will help your living room obtain natural lighting from the outside thus conserving energy.

Cotton Curtains – These are those types that have a very soft feel and could surely provide a light and airy look to your living room.

Velvet Curtains – One of the heaviest types of fabrics out there in the market. During the colder season, this is one of the best choices you may have as it could provide you warmth. It is also best to provide you with a bit more privacy from the outside. As for maintenance, you can clean it with your regular vacuum cleaner daily so that dirt won’t build much on the fabric. Dry cleaning will be the best but washing it with your washer would suffice.

Polyester Curtains – This is the most popular type of curtains. It is very durable and affordable yet it is one of the synthetic ones or so-called man-made fabrics that are not very eco-friendly but certainly, one of the best choices still if you are on a tight budget for your curtain upgrade.

Upgrading your curtains depends on your style. You might want to keep in trend in your curtain design but you also should take into consideration some of the factors like the ones above to make your curtain upgrade not just look beautiful but overall tick all the checkboxes of the cost and benefit of your home décor upgrade.

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