A Core Component Of Almost Every Medical Device Development – Electromagnetic Coil Winding Process

The smallest hearing aid to the large MRI scanner, almost every medical device today uses an electromagnetic coil at its core. The function of these coils is very necessary to the accuracy and increased durability of devices. Since medical science is one field that has the least room for errors, the electromagnetic coil winding process requires perfection.

To understand electromagnetic coils we need to first get into the essence of how it developed and the winding processes it follows. Why is it that these coils are so important? What makes them so durable and accurate, these and many similar questions, now answered.


The Electromagnetic coil winding process

The name is self-explanatory. To generate a strong electromagnetic field, set a core around which a coil of wires, winded. The more turns the wires take, the stronger the core’s electromagnetic field becomes. Their varied considerations come in place when creating these electromagnetic coils. For one, the device determines aspects like the number of coils, the type of core, the design of the coil, and more. Let’s not forget the size. Through the electromagnetic coil winding process, the coils generate can be as small as a strand of hair. The rising lack of space in devices makes device manufacturers only allow a certain microscopic space for elements like coils to function. Hence, the manufacturer of electromagnetic coils focuses on developing smaller devices.


Consideration and challenges

While making the coil microscopic the manufactures also need to consider other factors in using accuracy and durability of the coil that should not alter. It’s a difficult task to achieve considering the entire process to rework upon and new techniques set in place. A simple example of the same would be the lack of conventional soldering in the microscopic electromagnetic coils. The old-school soldering produces excessive heat and disrupts the accuracy of a device. Many manufacturers of these coils had to find a new way of working with this issue. What came next was truly path-breaking. A process of micro-soldering that requires no heat source and allows the device to stay on track of accuracy. It is just one of the many challenges the electromagnetic coil winding process brings in. But, let’s not forget the great importance of the device.


Its high precision allows for devices to provide quick and many accurate results. The coils, more widely, find use in sensors, transformers, and inductors. Each of them plays an equally important role in every medical device. The manufacturers use only the highest quality materials for both wire and core. These not only match the device requirement but also give it an enhanced life. So, the next time you see an MRI machine or a listening device, remember the microscopic electromagnetic coils work hard to give you that crucial bit of information. The future of micro coils comes riddled with micro-challenges. However, the prospect of success for such an amazing device cannot get a rejection.

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