How Much Does It Cost For A Land Surveyor To Come Out?

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying involves examining the three-dimensional points and distances, along with the angles between them.

The land surveyors in brisbane are generally called in to measure properties that are being sold or purchased.

The surveyor will use a tool known as a theodolite. The theodolite allows the recording

of measurements between the horizontal and vertical axis angles


What is a Land Surveyor?

Land surveyors are the professionals who actually carry out the measurements needed to create a map a professional map of the property orde site.

Surveyors work in both an office and on the field with field equipment like GPS, terrestrial scanners, and aerial scanners.

A land surveyor’s cost will vary significantly depending on the property. For example, the cost may be influenced by the type of survey, and the land size of the property.

Surveyor costs are also significantly influenced as well by the distance from the surveyor’s home base to the survey site. If the surveyor has to travel a long distance, that needs to be added to the equation.

The cost may vary as well by the shape of the property. Unusual-sized properties will cost more money to survey. And addition, during the wetter months in Australia, where thunderstorms are common, a property may be more difficult to survey.

Also is the property significantly uneven? That makes surveying more difficult.

Finally, there is the experience of the surveyor. The more experienced, the more expensive will be the costs.


What does a Land Surveyor do?

Land surveyors make precise measurements to determine the exact boundaries of properties.

They are often used for real estate transactions to help determine the exact square footage of a property and where exactly the property ends.

As you can imagine, it’s necessary to know the exact boundaries of the property, particularly if any construction will be done. The owner does not want to trespass on a neighbors property with any type of construction or even farming.


Why do I require a land Survey?

It’s essential to hire a land surveyor to obtain precise measurements of a property that you own, are buying, or are intending to sell.

A survey can prevent future legal disputes from arising and identify any possible encroachments.

The professionals will accurately determine the property lines so all parties in a real estate transaction can be fully appraised of what they are getting.

In particular, the last thing a new purchaser wants is to buy a property, then erect

new construction on the property or even merely putting up a fence and then receive legal threats in the mail that they may be sued for encroachment on a neighbors property.


So how much will a land surveyor cost?

Without knowing more about the type of survey you are doing that is a difficult question to answer. As we indicated, there are many factors that affect the cost of a survey.

However, the price per hour is easier to determine.

If you live in Sydney, the average price per hour for a survey is $139 to $150 per hour.

Prices for a survey in Melbourne typically run from $150 to $170 per hour.

Prices are similar in Perth and Adelaine, while prices in Brisbane are a bargain at $85 to $95 per hour.


Make sure your surveyor is a licensed surveyor

You can’t just hang out a shingle that says “Crocodile Jack Land Surveyor” in Australia and go to work.

In order to be licensed, surveyors must have a degree from an acceptable college and have two years of experience as an apprentice under a licensed surveyor.

Because you may be buying or selling a property that has legal ramifications, you will want to be completely sure they are legally licensed.

In addition, you will want to check out their reputation, just as you would hire any other professional, and as well be sure they have their own insurance.

A surveyor that does not have their own insurance, can trip and fall and break their leg and claim you are their employer, rather than them operating merely as a contractor.


Where to find a great surveyor?

One of the better sources for finding a surveyor is at

There you can get competitive bids from licensed surveyors all over Australia.

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