Costa Rica Travel Temptations

Costa Rica is a small, diverse island. Still, Costa Rica is an escape land to Central America‟s most beautiful area. Costa Rica travel gives you the option of booking a stay at the area’s finest resorts or hotels, as well as spending a romantic vacation on a tropical island. You have the option of selecting secluded areas where white sandy beaches will take your breath away.

Over in Costa Rica, people enjoy scuba diving, waterskiing, snorkeling, boating, sailing, etc. The beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees give you the option of enjoying any water activity you choose. In addition, if you elect land activities you may enjoy horseback riding, hiking, biking, etc.

Costa Rica beach

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful scenic lands where you will tour the beach, national parks, or wildlife refuge. Biological reserves are another of Costa Rica‟s main attractions. Costa Rica has some of the friendliest people around.

Their villages and towns will welcome you to relax while you enjoy your dream vacation. San Jose is near the Volcano Natl., Park. You‟ll find lodging, beaches, reserves, transportation, and more in this area. Jaco and Manuel Antonio Beach are nearby. Costa Rica provides you with car rentals, taxis, buses, etc.


A few of the well-known and liked hotels in Costa Rica, include the Arena, Drake Bay, Flamingo Beach, Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde hotel, OSA Peninsula, Papagayo, Puerto Viejo, San Jose, Tamarindo, Tortuguero, so on.

Costa Rica Hotels


Costa Rica beaches are a paradise on earth. Costa Rica‟s coastlines stretch beyond 1800 kilometers. Along the beach are stony areas, rocky areas, and sandy areas where the sand changes colors along the way.

You will see bluish-black sandy areas, grayish areas, white sandy areas, pink and tan sand areas, etc. In addition, you will visit Playa Vuelta del Sur beach, Playa Avellanas beach, etc. In all, you will experience one of the best areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Caribbean Sea respectively.

At the beaches, you can enjoy surfing, scuba diving, relaxation, tropical sun, swimming, etc.


Costa Rica also has casinos on its soil. Costa Rica Nightlife presents to you slots, card games, Caribbean stud poker, tables, mini-Baccarat, canasta roulette, blackjack, craps, slot machines, video machines, etc.

The good deal is you can find casinos throughout the areas of Costa Rica. Hotels in Costa Rica may also have casinos. Some of the areas include casino club colonial, Royal Dutch Casino Hotel, Parador, Casino Flamingo Beach, Best Western Coco Verde, Jungle Casino Calle, etc.

San Jose restaurants

San Jose has a wide assortment of restaurants to select from: Few of the restaurants include Al Horno, Costa del Sol, Dunn Inn, El Chicote, Il Gatto, Gauchada, and El Gran Diamante, which is a restaurant and bar.

El Gran Diamante serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The bar and restaurant take credit cards. Here you can enjoy Brazilian drinks and food, wine, beer, liqueur, live music, nightlife, etc. The foods include Costa Rican, Italian, international, Peruvian, Chinese, French, Mexican, German, Spanish, Kosher, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Japanese.

Barbeques, seafood, red meats, pizza, vegetarian dishes, poultry, coffee, fast foods, etc, are all served at this restaurant.

San Jose restaurants Costa Rica

More activities

In Costa Rica you will enjoy golfing, Whitewater rafting, wildlife adventures, rivers, kayaking, (Both river and ocean kayaking), surfing, reef breaks, beaches, tropical waters, etc. Are you ready for Disneyland?

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  1. Could you check the island part? I am from Costa Rica and I can tell you that last time I checked our borders were quite well attached to the rest of Central America. Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south are still attached to our country.

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