Top 5 Countries To Study MBA Abroad

Have you just graduated or have a few years of work experience and are considering higher studies? If you aim to pursue an MBA, then you would have a million questions on your mind with respect to financial investment and eligibility criteria.

A degree in MBA helps you build top-notch management skills, offers networking opportunities and a great insight into the business world. While weighing the pros and cons of pursuing an MBA, another important question that arises is should you be taking this course abroad?

Pursuing a Higher Education abroad offers invaluable international exposure, helps in earning a leadership role and boosting salary. If you are looking for some good destinations to pursue the degree abroad, here are some options:


Truly singular and unique in culture, Singapore has a global outlook with a dual advantage of being able to offer business in both Asian and global markets.

One of the reasons to study MBA in Singapore is the curriculum offered by business schools. It is a reflection of business models and economic trends from both western and Asian perspectives. Since Singapore is also the hub for start-ups and technology, it offers a plethora of opportunities, job placement, and entrepreneurial ventures to MBA students.


One of the most sought after destinations for studying MBA, the USA tops the charts when it comes to B schools. The various advantages in connection with pursuing an MBA in the USA are quality infrastructure, chances for valuable internship and practical learning via projects, and the latest technology.

An MBA in the USA offers immense networking opportunities and helps you develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

United Kingdom

Ranked as one of the top financial centers, the United Kingdom is home to some of the topmost MBA schools across the globe. With a culturally diverse academic crowd and highly acclaimed faculty members, these universities offer great placement opportunities and mentorship to students.


Another international favorite, Canada is fast emerging as a cosmopolitan hub as it is offering a plethora of opportunities in academia and jobs. While there aren’t many top MBA schools in Canada, other factors make it a hot favorite – warm, open, and inclusive culture welcoming students from across the world, a thriving economy, a relatively easier post-study work permit, reasonable tuition fees, and uncomplicated immigration procedures.


With the focus based on technology and innovation, Germany is a leader in economic strength and for both the automotive and electrical sectors. An MBA here is a wise choice owing to the various scholarships, student incentives, and networking opportunities on offer in the universities.

Choose the right destination and business school based on your aspirations and interests.

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