Cower Defense: Epic Strategy Battle for PC

What do you get when you combine towers and cows? Cower Defense!

It’s a fun-filled tower-defense game featuring, well, you guessed it, cows. But that’s not what it’s all about; it’s actually a cows vs. aliens game. It doesn’t get better than that.

Combining the traditional elements of classic tower defense games with an unconventional storyline, the makers of the game have brought forth a game that you want to take seriously but at the same time can’t. That all said, it’s quite fun, and the gameplay and graphical detailing deserves commendation.

In this post, we’ll just elaborate on what this game is like, and more importantly, how you can also enjoy it on your PC, even though there’s no PC version for this mobile game.


Planet Cow is a happy planet inhabited by cows. One day one of the cows gets the attention of an alien UFO while dancing to the beat of Gangnam Style. The aliens kidnap the clueless cow and begin to plan an invasion of the cow planet.

With every level of the game, the story only gets better. This is just the introductory storyline that every player sees once they start playing. For instance, on level two, the story follows prank calls from aliens, so they must be stopped from getting to the telephone booth.

Each level and the associated story has a humoristic twist, which only increases the excitement to see what would happen in the next level.


As a player, you’ll learn everything you need to about the storyline, actions, and controls at the beginning of the game. The tutorial and instructions are quite detailed, so anyone can learn to play it quickly.

The first order of action is to identify the cow defender who will defend the planet. It’s your job to strategize how these defenders are placed and used. There are a total of 15 cow defenders, with each having a unique ability.

For instance, one is the milk gun, which shoots milk. Then there’s a slingshot, which hits harder than milk. So the abilities also differ by the impact. A more powerful defender is the bottle defender, which shoots bottles of milk!

The lifeline in the game is milk. The more milk you have, the more lives and better chances you have. As you defeat and kill aliens, you’ll gain more milk. These milk points are very important because the gameplay depends on them.

You get five lives in the beginning. Of course, if your cow defenders get defeated, you lose a life. Once all lives are gone, the level will be over, and you’ll lose.

There’s also a hero figure, Cow Sheriff, who has more of a supervisory role. However, as you advance, you can unlock more heroes.


When you have a game with such an elaborate storyline, you’d expect graphics to be on point too. Fortunately, the makers of the game haven’t held back on graphics. The cartoonish graphics are detailed, which only makes the game more humorous.

The 3D graphics of cows even have facial expression details. On the other hand, the sounds are pretty good as well, with appropriate attack and weapon sounds and sometimes fun tracks as well to go with the fun storyline.

Play Cower Defense on PC

While Cower Defense is a mobile game, you can play on Windows by using an Android emulator. Just download and install Bluestacks, the most popular emulator.

Once installed, you’ll need to get the APK file of the game. Download it onto the desktop. Then, drag and drop on onto the emulator screen. It’s as simple as that!

There’s another way to download the game as well, which is by logging into the Google Playstore in the emulator. Just login with your account credentials, and type in the search bar ‘Cower Defense.’ Download the game and start playing.

Wrap Up

Cower Defense is truly a one-of-a-kind mobile game that has created an unimaginable storyline that sounds familiar but also bizarre (think Plants vs Zombies). The attention to detail in the story, gameplay, and graphics is unparalleled, which is why you would wish you could play it on an even bigger screen with even better performance resources.

Try playing it on PC using an Android emulator, and you’ll see for yourself.

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