How To Create A Marketing Mix Presentation

Every brand aims to conquer the marketing world with the best promotional strategies. Companies ought to attract the right customers for their brands with an unbeatable marketing strategy. A Marketing Mix PowerPoint presentation can prove to be an asset to impress your clients beyond measure. To become a market leader, every firm needs to build a Marketing Mix presentation to cater to its target audience.

What does Marketing Mix mean?

The term Marketing Mix was introduced by marketing professor E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960. It refers to a comprehensive marketing plan that includes multiple areas of marketing. It classifies these areas into four Ps: product, price, placement, and promotion. Let us understand these four Ps briefly.

  • Product- It indicates the products sold by a brand. It must deliver customer satisfaction to thrive in the market. Other attributes of the product component include its features, appearance, quality, packaging, warranty, and support.
  • Price- It refers to the cost of purchasing a product. It depends on multiple factors such as competitive pricing strategy and perceived value by customers. It also includes discounts, brand personality, and supply-demand chain. The price of the product must always be higher than its production cost to gain profits.
  • Placement- It is the physical location where the customer can access, use, or purchase a product. Distribution centers, warehouses, transport inventory decisions, and franchises form a part of it.
  • Promotion- Promotion means communicating the message of your brand to advance the customer base. Its activities include advertising, digital, content marketing, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling.

In addition to this, three more Ps have been integrated into the Marketing Mix with the changing times. ‘People’ incorporate knowledge of the target audience and company employees. To minimize costs and increase profits, your ‘Process’ should be well-tailored. ‘Physical Environment’ includes a signature product packaging, signage, or a physical store.

How To Create a Marketing Mix Presentation?

A marketing mix presentation helps organizations make strategic decisions. It aids in launching new products to hit the right notes with the investors. An awe-inspiring slide deck with a professional PowerPoint template can create a lasting impact on your clients. Presentations with their powerful visual kick combined with a resonating Marketing Strategy boost your brand awareness among your audience. 

A Perfect Marketing Mix Template

A professionally designed Marketing Mix template will render your presentation five stars. Save yourself the hassle of constructing the slides from scratch and go for readymade templates from online sites. SlideModel is one such fantastic site that offers 100% editable Marketing Mix templates to create top-notch presentations. Showcase the segments, targets, and positions with an appropriate template. Give your slide deck a unique appeal with gorgeous templates to stand out from your competition. 

Captivating Graphics for Illustrations

Alluring and HD quality graphics will adorn your Marketing Mix presentation with just the perfect amount of impact you need. A full textual slide deck with boring bullets is sure to make your audience doze off after a while. Vibrant and pixel-perfect images of your brand and its products will display your marketing ideas with an added charm. Images instantly yield information more graspable than simple text. Complement your 4Ps with images that reinforce your branding aesthetics. 

Data Visuals for Marketing Mix Statistics

To be an efficient marketer, you must chuck out the idea of integrating statistics in your slide with plain textual figures. Level up your presentation skills with numbers represented in charts, graphs, timelines, infographics, and flowcharts. They polish your data with mesmerizing pictorial zeal. Also, data visuals render your data more digestible for your non-financial clients. Infuse your slides with stunning data visuals for the components like pricing figures, promotional data, and target market demographics. 

One Marketing Mix Component Per Slide

Presentations with an overload of all the Marketing Mix Ps in one or two slides will exhibit the slideshow as unorganized. It will further confuse your audience to understand your core ideas. Ensure to imbibe only one idea per slide to tackle this situation. Product, price, promotion, and place should each have one dedicated slide page. The best way to start a presentation is to display concise information instead of hammering multiple topics in a few slides. A tip here is to mention the most pertinent ideas relevant to your presentation topic. 

Choose Those Fonts Wisely

Build your marketing slides with typographical mastery with functional fonts instead of fancy fonts. Utilize fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial that are easy to read by the clients. A worthy tip here is to use only 2-3 fonts for the whole slide deck to maintain visual consistency. Ditch any form of paragraphs for your text. Choose to write compact points in bullets for them to remain easily visible. Avoid setting the font size too small which makes the audience squint to read it.

The End Line

Businesses have leveraged marketing tools to promote their services since time immemorial. But, the term marketing mix has gained prominence since the 20th century. 4Ps of Marketing is an incredible model that helps you define your marketing options for price, place, product, and promotion.

Utilize it to plan your new venture or optimize the impact on your target market. PowerPoint presentations are the best mediums to display your marketing tactics through a visual medium. Build mind-blowing Marketing Mix slide decks with stellar templates and dynamic style.

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