Which Features Should Be Used To Create Game Design Application Or Website

Creating a game is a long and complicated process. You are not building a paper boat, but creating a whole universe! Everything depends on you here – how this universe looks, what it will be possible to do interesting in it (and with it).

Most people, using the Internet every day, just play computer games. But they even have no idea what the creation of a computer game is. Even a simple 2D arcade game for an antediluvian phone. Game development is:

  • scenario – game mechanics, characters and their development, game world, etc.
  • the success of the script is the success of almost half of the entire development.
  • game app design and graphics; your game world should be brighter and more colorful than that of competitors, because, as you know, they are greeted by their clothes.
  • the work of programmers and their code – the number of bugs in the game will depend on the quality of the code.
  • unforgettable atmosphere, which is 3/4 dependent on musical accompaniment.

Why does the game need its website?

The game needs its internet site. What does the game need a website for?

The site of the game is your tool for promoting the project. Here you will post announcements of upcoming additions, share the news with users of the game, give players hints on the passage, etc. If the game at first may be unprofitable (which happens in 9 cases out of 10), then it will be possible to earn money on advertising banners.

When the game launches, on the site and only on the site you will store information about the terms of service, tell your customers about the privacy policy, and provide legal and other information of a formal nature.

The game site is a platform for communication between game users with comfortable website design gaming. How to get to this or that location, to whom to sell things, who and how yesterday “flunked this boss” – all this will be actively discussed in chats and on the forums of your site.

Without such a “cauldron” in which all events related to the game will be cooked, no project will be successful. Even small-scale game projects have their page. At least a group on social networks.

The game site is a universal means of user feedback. Anyone who wants to make suggestions or leave comments on the quality of the game can do it through the official site.

And the list of reasons why it is worth creating your website for the game does not end there!

How to create a website for the game

Preparatory actions

Convinced of the need to create a site for the game, we came close to this issue.

The complexity of creating a website will depend on the complexity of your game project. Let’s take a very simple site for a game like “Prince of Persia” as an example. Creating your website for the game is not as difficult as it seems. We will need:

  • Hosting;
  • Domain.

Hosting service

Hosting in this case is a service for placing information on the server. Do check the Rust server host if you are looking for hosting services.


The domain name (or just the name of your site) should be simple so that the user goes to the site in one or two clicks. Do not expect that all users, once visiting your site, will immediately add it to their bookmarks. Most of the users will hope that the browser will give them the right URL by itself.

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