Want to Create the Perfect Gaming Playlist? Here’s How

The best video games often have excellent soundtracks. Yet sometimes, listening to your music can make the experience more enjoyable. Whether you need it to focus on the game or help you be more successful while playing, listening to your music can be the pump up you need.

But how do you go about creating the right gaming playlist?

Keep reading for a guide on how to create the perfect gaming playlist.

What Effect Does Music Have on Productivity?

Numerous studies have sought to discover why music can help us be more productive and successful at the tasks we’re trying to accomplish.

In one study, researchers from Finland discovered that while listening to music, our minds enter a certain mode. When our minds are there, we feel more creative, as well as inspired to complete the tasks we have at hand.

People from different backgrounds, including artists, students, workers, and writers all report that music helps them focus. Music lets you focus on tasks that inspire you, and also pay attention to different things at the same time. In short, it can help people feel “in the zone”.

If you’re playing a first-person shooter or FPS, the right music might help you aim better, shoot faster, and pay more attention to your surroundings. If you’re invested in a role-playing game or RPG, the right gaming playlist may help you make better in-game choices, as well as become more immersed in the world.

Where to Find Good Playlists

Creating your playlist can seem like a lot of work. To help you avoid this process, there are many sources where you can find high-quality gaming playlists.

One music streaming service you can use is Pandora. Pandora is an internet radio service that allows you to stream stations, songs, and podcasts. The basic version with advertisements is free, while the ad-free version will cost you $9.99 per month.

Another app you can choose to try is Spotify. Spotify is a Swedish-based music streaming service. For $9.99 per month, you’ll have access to a massive library of music, podcasts, and radio stations. If you’re an Apple fan, consider checking out Apple Music, which is essentially the company’s version of Spotify.

These services have advanced algorithms that can recommend music based on your listening habits. After searching for a gaming song you like, you might be surprised to find the next one (that you didn’t search) is also up your alley.

How to Build Your Own

You can find several excellent gaming playlists, but sometimes they don’t have what you’re looking for. In that case, it might be time to create a playlist of your own.

To focus, instrumental and rhythmic songs tend to help you get in the zone the most. Try to find music that allows you to focus on what you’re doing, without you becoming too invested in the song. Search around on Google to find what other gamers are listening to, and don’t be afraid to steal some of their top picks.

You should also make a point to avoid songs that are too familiar or distracting. Although the Star Wars theme song is great, listening to it while gaming might cause you to become distracted while playing a non-Star Wars game.

Creating your playlist also means that you need to decide on a music file type. Many songs come in the MP4 format, but some people prefer the MKV format. To learn about how to convert between the two file types.

Consider the Mood You Need to Succeed

When you’re creating your playlist, you’ll have to consider what sort of mood will help you be the most successful.

Many games require you to make split-second decisions and respond to changes. You may have to respond to enemies trying to outwit you, or an environment that is working against you.

When playing games such as these, consider the effect that listening to fast-paced music might have. A good “pump up” song will motivate you and give you the energy you need to succeed, similar to when working out at the gym.

On the other hand, other games feature a slower pace. Certain RPGs and strategy games require you to make decisions methodically. When playing games with this sort of tempo, it might be better to enjoy slower, more atmospheric music. These songs will let you appreciate the game world and plan.

When Else Can You Benefit From Listening to a Gaming Playlist?

The playlists you make to the game can also work great when you need to accomplish other tasks.

As more and more people make the transition to working from home, the right soundtrack can make the difference between finishing your work and needing to turn in things late. Playing your gaming playlist while working can help you focus and complete your tasks.

Some people also like to listen to music while reading. If your gaming playlist is relaxing and more melodic, it can be the perfect tool to help you unwind. However, if it’s too fast and action-packed, it might make the experience stressful.

Create the Ultimate Gaming Playlist With This Guide

Everyone relies on different tactics to help their game better. For some people, this means creating a gaming playlist. By following this guide, you’ll be able to make the perfect gaming playlist to help you take your skills to the next level.

Do you have any other recommendations for music to listen to while gaming? Let us know in a comment below!

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