Creating a Seamless Ecosystem: Best Technologies to Enable Working Remotely

The pandemic situation has literally forced every employee and industry to work from home. This new norm has led to a sudden rise in the number of users on video calling apps, bulk e-mails being sent daily, and lots of employees utilizing their personal devices to complete their tasks.

From a bird’s eye view, we can easily claim that working from home is more of a success in 2020 because business establishments are operating with minimal disruptions. Such an implementation is made possible because of the best technologies available at the disposal of companies in this highly connected world.

Cloud Computing

A simple example would help anyone understand how the cloud works. When you create an e-mail draft in your office, you can access and edit the same draft on your personal computer as well. There are many differences between the internet and the cloud but instead of going into the technicalities, it is good if you can understand how important cloud computing is.

With multiple versions of files available and team members working on them, it makes it easier to maintain versions and edit on the go using programs like Google Drive or Office 365 to make collaboration easier than ever before.

Unified Communications

Some of the popular apps that support and enhance unified communication experiences include programs like Trello, Skype, BlueJeans, and Google Suite among many others. The idea emerged in the late 2010s when we started sending an e-mail as well as chat in the same user interface.

In today’s scenario, features like Picture in Picture while making video calls, and e-mails being merged with the calendar are very common as they help work from home employees stay aligned with the business goals.

Mobile Tools

The time employees spend in front of a work laptop has drastically reduced because they can always respond easily when notifications pop up on their smartphones. The importance of mobile tools eases communication and encourages a timely response to the team. They improve flexibility, promote productivity, and make it easier for remote workers to have limited access to programs as assigned by the administrator.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing apps and maintaining a seamless environment for your employees to quickly get in touch with one another is quintessential in the current business scenario. While some firms work on in-house technologies, most rely on programs like Google Meet, Zoom, or BlueJeans to enable smart video conferencing. They help communication easier and bring a lot of people together at once so that project objectives can be discussed and sorted out faster.

Project Management Tools

In every industry such as IT, KPO, or e-commerce, the need for project management tools is inevitable. Programs like GitHub and Jira are considered to be the most popular choices but there are so many third-party applications that could help your team collaborate on a superior level. They enable them to share codes and work on editing applications or presentations for a client based on industry-specific requirements.

An Impeccable IT Team Ensures Unobstructed WFH Options

While there are so many tools available online that help remote workers collaborate and work together, the power of an IT team and the role they play in ensuring a smooth flow of work is quintessential for your business to operate. The different teams in an organization may lack the technical knowledge to troubleshoot issues or use available features which is when they seek help from the IT staff.

By providing the necessary support from a highly trained team of IT individuals, you can ensure the best support from the organization for a smooth work from home experience. In such instances, an IT support team is technically virtual. However, some businesses may prefer the reassurance of an in-house IT support team or even one local to their premises, for example, IT support Leeds based for a company in Leeds.

It motivates employees to work better, stay ahead of the competition, and in turn lead to happy clients in the long run. A trained, professional IT support team is the backbone of making remote working a possibility during this pandemic situation and for the

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