Creating Cherished Memories: Family-Friendly Activities in Maldives Family Resort

Rated highly among the world’s honeymoon destinations, the Maldives is well-known for its naturally romantic atmosphere. Private islands boasting scenic shores framed by clear, turquoise waters and luxury resorts with secluded villas offer the ideal island playground for lovers. 

However, if you’re not already aware, the Maldives is just as great a destination for families!

The privacy of the tropical islands affords a safe and exotic playground where your kids can roam safely and you and your partner can enjoy romantic walks along the beach. The stretches of warm, safe, and shallow waters are great for wading in and the luxury resorts offer plenty of recreational activities both in and out of the water.

Not convinced? Read on to find out exactly why your family will love the Maldives as your next family vacation destination.

Set Them Free at the Kid’s Club

Any family-friendly Maldivian resort worth its salt has a dedicated kid’s club these days. They’re perfect for families vacationing with young kids. Trained professionals run these centers, segregating these kids by age and keeping them entertained with age-appropriate activities both indoors and outdoors.

From movie-watching to BBQs, treasure hunts in the sand, and playtime in kid’s pools and waterslides to face painting and arts and crafts, they’re well equipped to keep your kids happy and give them the chance to make new friends. At the same time, you and your partner get some time off! It’s a win-win.

Teach them Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

With a lot of resorts boasting a house reef, it’s easy to let the kids enjoy the world beneath the waves, and the Maldives offers plenty to see under the water, from fish and coral to turtles and rays. If your kids are interested in scuba diving, quite a few resorts that have their own watersports centers tend to offer PADI courses and certification. What’s better than having your kids leave their holiday with a new skill?

Make the Trip Educational

Many resorts offer resident marine biologists, with some having their conservation centres and programmes. There, the kids can learn about the local ecosystem and its marine life as well as measures that can be taken to protect them. In some resorts, your kids may have the chance to observe first-hand or participate in conservation programs such as those revolving around coral nurseries.

When you can combine an educational experience with a truly fun holiday, it’s a win on all accounts for the kids, and you stand a chance to expose them to a truly inspirational experience and help them become more mindful of the world around them and their impact on it.

Enjoy Quality Family Time in Family Villas

If you play your cards right, you may not even have to leave your room to enjoy an idyllic family vacation. Embark on a Maldives family villa experience with InterContinental or a similar luxury resort, for example, and everything you could want out of a tropical family holiday will be within reach in the comfort of your home-away-from-home.

Enjoy Quality Family Time in Family Villas

Enjoy proper family time together as you spread out across a family villa that offers direct beach access where the kids can build sand castles and play in the water. Some villas come with private plunge pools that make swim time so much easier – you don’t have to herd the family to and from the main pool at the resort.

Enjoy proper family time

Some family villas also offer plenty of space where your family can bond over meals and games indoors.

Take Advantage of a Range of Family-Friendly Resort Activities

Outside of the kid’s clubs, many a Maldivian resort offers a range of family-friendly activities that you can participate in together with your kids. One example of the many Maldives family activities that some resorts offer is movie nights on the beach.

Take Advantage of a Range of Family Friendly Resort Activities

Others include watersports such as float rides, jet skiing, water skiing, surfing, kayaking, and standup paddle boarding. Resorts also tend to offer board games and indoor recreation such as pool, table tennis, and gaming consoles.

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