6 Creative Customer Appreciation Ideas

Appreciating your customers is a good business practice. With numerous benefits like increasing customer loyalty, improving your brand perception, and encouraging new conversions, showing gratitude to your customers will increase your revenue and strengthen your market position.

Still, it has to be done right. Most businesses use thank-you email blasts to appreciate their customers, but you might want to look beyond such a commonplace option. Explore these six creative customer appreciation ideas to surge ahead of the competition.

1. Customized Greeting Cards

Customized greeting cards will never get old. A professionally handmade card adds a personal touch and shows that you put some thought into appreciating your client. Include a warm note of gratitude, and address your customer by name. Customers will likely save the cards as keepsakes and even show them off on social media. That’s good publicity for you and a great way to say “thank you for your business.

2. Personalized Swag

Creating swag for your customers not only shows appreciation but also promotes a sense of community. With their personalized and complimentary limited-edition merchandise, your customers can identify more strongly with your brand. Totes, T-shirts, thumb drives, or water bottles are nice gifts to send out to repeat customers.

3. Exclusive Discount Codes

Make your customers feel special by giving them a unique discount code to access your product or service. It can be a code for them to use personally or share with a loved one. With the latter kind of discount code, you get to see which customers are helping you market your business and how many people they’re introducing to it. The discount code strategy will set the stage for you to establish an even wider loyalty or referral program.

4. Early Access to New Products

Early access to new products and services is a creative idea for customer appreciation. By giving your customers early access to your products, you’re offering them a level of exclusivity. Another way to execute this idea is by offering early access to limited edition products.

This unique offer is perfect for improving your brand’s public perception and generating an organic demand for your products. Before long, there’ll be long waiting lists whenever you announce new products.

5. Product Inserts

Surprise every customer with a customized note of gratitude attached to their order. This is a great way for new businesses to inspire loyalty in their customer base. Address them by name, and thank them for trusting you to deliver a service.

Also, include information about the best way to use the said product and reassure them of your commitment to providing excellent service. They’ll never forget the gesture, and you’ll have earned yourself a repeat customer.

6. Service Upgrade

Nothing says “thank you” like a service upgrade. It’s a thoughtful way to appreciate a customer for patronizing you, especially if they’re a repeat customer.

For businesses that sell perishable products in various sizes, consider sending a customer a package that is one or two sizes larger than what they ordered. Include a small note to let them know that this is a gesture of appreciation, not a mistake.

Surprise your clients with one of these creative appreciation ideas. The effects on your customer retention rates will be superb, and you’ll be glad you showed appreciation.

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