Crop Tops – A Fashion Trend for All

Only young and skinny girls can wear “crop tops”? How to use them, when to use them, and who can use them. These are some of the most common questions asked by many people around the world. If you have the same question regarding crop top backless, this guide is just the perfect one for you.

What do you think of crop tops or short blouses? Is there a safe age to use them? They are not for work, but I thought, for the beach or the pool or a night out. Do they look good or not? Or are they just girls? Thanks. If you say yes, are there any tips for using them, apart from having a clean navel?

To fully answer this question, which has already been asked several times, this is our answer and tips to use them.

Crop top – One of the most popular trends in recent years

There are days when the sun is so hot that it is essential to have at least one cool garment in your wardrobe, they can be long but made of light materials such as polyester, although there is nothing like wearing something short and very stylish, say, a crop top; It is easy to find this garment in any store since its use has become one of the most popular trends in recent years.

Some girls consider wearing a crop top a daring decision due to the length of these garments; most are too short for those used to just wearing baggy clothes to cool off, but maybe it’s time to let go of that trend that peaked a few years ago.

Believe it or not, a sexy crop top can be used by any type of figure, in addition to being very fashionable, but whether they favor you or not depends on certain details that I am going to explain to you:

1. Show navel

If you are very thin and/or have a large waist, and are very young (the latter is very relative and subjective), but especially if you have the right figure, you can lean towards those that show your navel. You achieve this by wearing short crops that end close to the bra line and/or pairing them with low-waisted pants or skirts.

2. Do not show navel

If, on the other hand, you’re a little older and don’t feel comfortable or confident showing so much skin, or if you’re not very waisted or skinny, you can wear a slightly longer crop that ends just above the navel, which is normally the part slimmer at the waist, but in order not to show it, you are going to accompany your crop top with skirts or high-waisted pants.

Another option would be to use a full piece that shows only a small part of the skin at the waist, in this way we do not show the muffin top or show too much.

3. For women over 40

Of course yes. Just make sure you choose a style that flatters your figure, not always, but regularly if we are a little older, we no longer have the waist of a 20, so we can wear it with high-waisted pants or skirt without showing the navel, but if you have a spectacular figure we don’t see why you can’t show it off if it’s the right occasion and style.

It all depends on how you coordinate it. In any case, the success of looking good wearing a crop top without going overboard and wanting to look very young is in not showing too much.

If you are already showing skin on your belly, then don’t wear plunging necklines or very short skirts. For example, you see the following images, all of them women over 40 and they all look great.

4. And for the full ones?

They can also use them, the key and success is to show skin without showing skin. This is achieved by using high-waisted pants or skirts that cover not only the navel but the wide part of the belly and torso and only show a little skin as in the following examples:

In the images above we can see that crop tops look good on plus girls, as long as they are coordinated with high-waisted pants and the crops don’t show too much skin. So, of course, you can use them.

5. What not to do?

Although it is a trend for plus women, not to be ashamed of their figure with which we 100% disagree, one thing is to accept and another is to highlight the least flattering of the figure. When we say that crop tops can flatter almost everyone, regardless of weight, we don’t mean this:

One last consideration: This style is not for going to work, for yes, they are for festival set outfits. Remember that it is not professional to show skin. It’s casual, going out, or weekend, or beach, or summer style, but you definitely shouldn’t try it in a professional setting of any kind, even if you’re working in a very casual setting.

In the end, find a style that makes you feel comfortable, attractive, and happy. You decide whether to teach more or teach less. We hope these tips will help you choose a style and test how they look on you.

If you are looking to find and renew your style, if you have a full closet and nothing to wear, and if you want to know what suits you, you can schedule a personal consultation online.

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