Cross-Browsing Testing

Cross-browsing testing online is performed to test the applicability of the websites or the application that you or your employees have designed. One of its main focuses can be seen in using Comparium for quality assurance needs.

So, read below to find the few steps in which Comparium is the best web browsing tool online, standing beside you, to know every type of bug and user interface experience related to the websites you own.

1- Free Testing Platform

A tool like Comparium is not easy to find online in less time. It offers you free ways to carry out cross-browsing testing for various purposes that include checking the quality and interface of a particular website or application.

Cross-Browsing Testing Platform

This tool can help in getting work done completely free of cost, saving you from drilling holes in your pocket or monthly budget. The quality assurance processes will be modified and taken care of using this platform, as is done by other website owners regularly.

2- Latest Operating Systems For Betterment Of The Overall Quality

Using this tool, there are various operating system choices online to skim through. The main part of cross-browsing testing is considered to have the assurance of the quality of your website or the chosen URL.

For that, you need to know if it is meeting the standards. This will only be proved when you know it’s working as deemed on these operating systems. As seen in the image below, Comparium’s cross-browsing platform allows you to conduct quality checks of your website for all the latest operating systems like Windows 7, macOS, and Linux.

You can even select all these operating systems at once if you want to know in detail about the URL you will enter the URL box beside the operating system drop-down menu.

Latest Operating Systems

3- Top-Class Browsers To Select For Quality Assurance

If you consider the snapshot below, you can easily gauge the options available in the drop-down menu. The browsers which Comparium supports for your cross-browsing testing needs are:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

It is a very well-known fact that the majority of internet users today use almost these four browsers for their daily needs like social media, news, video streaming, movies, etc.

Hence, if a tool allows you to check your website’s URL quality across these browsers, then you will know beforehand if you have written and exhibited the right kind of website or not.

Top-Class Browsers

With this kind of assurance regarding your website, you will get the results on time. You can know if any of the browsers are not compatible with your website. This can aid you in changing marketing and business strategies. Or else, if you have time, then you will need to re-do the coding that is backing your website.

Moreover, you also get to select all browser options at once for a comprehensive session of quality control over the website design.

4- Combine All Operating System With Browsers Available

For a massive quality assurance using Comparium within a few seconds or a minute, choose all the web browser options along with every operating system. When you do this, you get to know the current status and condition of your website across a vast pool of platforms without running the quality runs repeatedly.

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