Crowd Marketing for Cannabis Business

Crowd marketing is a social media and forum linking tactic to improve your organic rankings. There are numerous sites, forums, and blogs on the Internet where you can post. However, not all resources will work for you, especially if you talk about the cannabis industry.

If you are engaged in developing your website, you know how many various restrictions exist in the cannabis niche. It is essential to know all of them and strictly follow the rules. For many businesses, it is better to address a proven SEO expert in the cannabis niche. One of the best ones is, an experienced team of professionals who know exactly how to outrank competitors and get higher positions in SERP.

Why has crowd marketing gained popularity? This is partly a result of the fact that search engines have become extremely careful to monitor links from sites. And now you can easily get under the filter for purchased links. Let’s have a look at various options for crowd marketing.

Social networks

The space for posting crowd links on social media is huge. However, most of your comments can be quickly deleted and your account blocked. The first thing to do is to collect a large list of thematic communities. Save this list. You can parse the list of groups with the help of a special service using the keywords in the name. It makes no sense to publish in groups that are not on your subject. You can create more problems than results.


Speaking about this social network, you need to understand that usually, comments there are ranked based on the number of likes. In other words, for the comment to be noticeable, it must be published where there are few comments, or it must get a lot of likes. Sometimes you see a comment getting more likes than the post itself.

It is better to publish the comment on behalf of your own group. Moreover, the comment itself is better not to contain links at all: the link will be within your group. That is, you can leave many comments on different posts, get referrals to the group, and the user will be able to get to the site from there. If you decide to post links in the comments themselves, be prepared that even if everything is done correctly, most of the comments will most likely be deleted. And the account may well go into a temporary ban.

In addition, tests show that links from the social network without conversions do not give the desired result for SEO.

However, in some cases, the link can be given. Users regularly try to ask questions on social networks: where to buy X or Y? Here you can answer with a link to yourself. However, how do you find all such publications and comments? Various services can help you with it. For example, the Hootsuite Analytics tool is a great possibility to gather information for your business. You will be able to collect a list of all the comments you need and respond to them. Do not spam in the comments; try to post only what will be interesting or useful.

Ask customers to leave feedback

If your customers themselves start posting reviews about you on the social network, you can get a lot of organic traffic. Will social media crowd marketing help your promotion? In crowd marketing, you primarily try to get traffic. Without it, there is not much point in waiting for the effect of links.

Thematic sites and forums

Here the list of potential donors can really be endless. It will be hard to select them. Since you probably already have semantics, just drive it into Google search and save sites from the first and second SERP pages. It is assumed that in your niche, these are of the highest quality and most reputable sites.

Publish various comments, not the same, try to do it organically, your task is to attract traffic, which means to be useful. Moreover, you need not just traffic but targeted one, so the message of comments should match the content of your site. You can suggest interesting articles in the comments or make recommendations with a link to yourself.

Many comments will not be moderated, some will be deleted, but some comments will still be able to gain potential visitors to your website.

A little trickier

You can post about your organization without using links. Thus, numerous mentions of your organization may appear on the network because such publications are deleted less often. Where does it lead? They will start looking for you by brand queries. And this is a crucial factor in SEO promotion. Perhaps this is the best way to raise your site in the search results.


Review sites are a great place to get links. You can work out this direction. If you have a lot of positive feedback, this will have an advantageous effect on the development of the project. You can ask customers to provide feedback about your organization. Do not forget that reviews can be left on Google Maps, too.

Question and answer platforms

Here you can also search for your target customers, and therefore publish. Look for questions that concern you and answer them.

Do you need links from catalogs and aggregators?

Here the logic is approximately the same as when choosing sites and forums — if directories pop up on pages 1-2 for the keywords entered in the search, of course, it makes sense to be published there. However, you don’t need to get links at all from all existing catalogs and aggregators. Bad links are not our friends.

What’s the best way to do crowd marketing?

A significant number of publications should not contain links, only mentions as such comments look less like advertising, but they give branded traffic. Comments with links should be published on thematic sites, urge to make a transition, not look like an explicit advertisement. In addition, go through the most authoritative reference guides, maps, and aggregators. Difficulties may arise with Google Maps. In such cases, you can contact the trusted Google partners. There is a chance to register in 1-2 days.

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  1. I don’t think this industry needs marketing because customer demand is always very high

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