Cruise to Watch Antarctic Penguins with Fellow Adventurers

Known for its resorts, delicious seafood, stunning mountain range, and handcrafted chocolate, Ushuaia, Argentina, is a delightful place to visit. But while this serene port town has many sights and sounds to offer, it’s also the launchpad for your Antarctic adventure across the exhilarating Drake Passage.

If you’re traveling with a renowned adventure team like Quark Expeditions — you must opt for the World Explorer cruise ship, which is the height of absolute luxury on the seas, and whale watching san Diego. Each suite has a private French balcony where you can walk out for stunning ocean views. You can also sit in the Explorer Lounge to unwind with a cup of delicious coffee as you soak in panoramic polar views.

For more delightful views on your journey to the Antarctic, you can take a walk on the Outdoor Track. Alternatively, visit the comfortable Wraparound Deck with heated seats to enjoy panoramic views.

Of course, your ship features a world-class restaurant and fitness center to meet your daily needs. You can also swim in the heated outdoor pool or relax in the sauna or spa.

Under its luxurious exterior, this ship is a real powerhouse. Its twin Rolls Royce hybrid engines produce 9,000 kW of energy to push it to a cruising speed of 16 knots while carrying 172 guests and 130 staff and crew.

Antarctic Peninsula

The day comes when you finally arrive at the Antarctic Peninsula. Here, you’ll feel tranquillity in peaceful isolation. Of course, this silence will be broken occasionally as calving glaciers crash into the stunning blue sea or sounds of creatures hit the air.

Not only will you see Antarctic whales on your Zodiac cruise and various seals, but also an array of enthralling penguins:

  • Emperor penguins: These flightless birds are the largest penguins. Usually seen at Marguerite Bay, they are 45 inches tall and can weigh nearly 100 pounds.
  • King penguins: Almost as large as Emperors, these penguins chill at Gold Harbour.
  • Adelie penguins: These beautiful penguins live on the mainland of Antarctica. Unlike Emperors, they’re smaller and can hop around.
  • Chinstrap penguins: They’re called Chinstraps because of the narrow black bands of hair under their jaws. You can see them on the shores of the Antarctic Oceans.
  • Gentoo penguins: The third-largest penguins in the world, they’re usually on Danco Island. They’re distinctive because of their pretty orange bills.
  • Macaroni penguins: You may mistakenly think that they’re called Macaroni because of their amusing strands of yellow hair. But they’re named after the yellow crests on their heads that resemble 18th-century hats called macaroni.

While you may not see all of these animals on your trip, you will undoubtedly see many, especially if you leave your ship and go camping in Antarctica for a night or two. Your experienced adventure team will ensure that you absorb as much as possible on the tour.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you may even go sea kayaking or dive into Antarctic waters for the Polar Plunge of a lifetime. With the right guides, your journey to the Antarctic will be a luxurious trip that you’ll never forget and yearn for again.

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