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Gamblers are only sometimes ready to flaunt their love for entertainment with real money. Sometimes it is inconvenient for the guests of online clubs to pay in fiat. Online casinos for cryptocurrency come to the rescue.

In addition to anonymity, such a variant of mutual payments with the game club has many other advantages. For example, customers holding BTC or ETH have no doubts about the safety of financial transactions. If the network is not overloaded, transactions are faster: you can instantly get the money on your balance.

The main advantage of reliable online casinos with good returns, offering to deposit, play and withdraw bitcoins or altcoins, is the possibility to accumulate several times more crypto, have fun, and not spend money on bulky equipment for mining.

AltGambler site offers a list of blockchain-based casinos – the technology of digital exchange of information (money, in this case) without intermediaries, a centralized main body, and third parties. Transactions are made between participants-devices running the same program (cryptocurrency wallet).

Check out the decent virtual casinos that accept cryptocurrency listed by our experts. Independent reviews of web portals will help you make the right choice. Will you be able to take advantage of the claimed secured privacy of bitcoin or altcoins and withdraw money, and play without a passport?

In 2011, the first web casino that accepted Bitcoin appeared. Since then, many brands have picked up the idea, and some specifically develop sites for cryptocurrency payments. Some companies offer to deposit in Bitcoin, while others expand the list of available options – Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Online institutions’ money for registration is one of many gifts from the top. Portals regularly provide the opportunity to recharge your account profitably. Some bitcoin casinos with free satoshi invite players to take advantage of no-deposit bonuses.

What is cryptocurrency

The term refers to an alternative to regular money. Cryptocurrency is an electronic means of payment that has no physical expression. Its main feature is decentralized, i.e., the absence of persons or objects that can affect, view, or cancel the transaction, which is why the bitcoin casino is valued.

Every cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology: any information from blocks is encrypted by protocols and is transferred from one node to another using a cryptographic key. A unique registry records the number of bitcoins each user has.

Each new block created at any point contains some compressed information from the previous block. The latter includes data from all existing blocks in the chain. Third parties can’t interfere with the operation: there is no data to access unless there is a cryptographic key.

The history of cryptocurrency began with the creation of Bitcoin 0.1 in January 2009. Until then, the development of electronic money and its concept had been underway for 20 years. Stephan Brands was the first to offer an innovative financial product that is now successfully used in cryptocurrency casinos in 1983.

On January 9, 2009, the first 50 coins of bitcoin were generated, and a little later, 10 coins were sent to the second participant in the chain. In September of the same year, the first exchange of fiat for crypto through the PayPal system took place. In 2010, the first mining pool was developed, which allowed the collection of bitcoins. After BTC gained popularity, alternative coins – altcoins – began to be created.

Varieties of cryptocurrencies in online casinos

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, the value of which exceeds 1.2 million in 2021. However, more than 1000 altcoins are mainly based on the blockchain or its varieties. Crypto casinos with bonuses successfully use electronic currencies other than bitcoin for transactions.

Gaming portals independently determine what money will be used for financial transactions. Some allow deposits only in BTC, while others accept up to 15 and more altcoins. Others are ready to offer only cryptocurrencies for mutual settlements: a client deposits in BTC or LTC, and euros or dollars are credited (and vice versa).

Blockchain-based casinos usually offer the following altcoins:

  •     Ethereum (ETH);
  •     Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  •     Dogecoin (DOGE);
  •     Dash (DASH);
  •     Litecoin (LTC).

Decide which digital money you’ll play with and choose an average casino without cheating. Commissions and the cost of bitcoins is more impressive, and only some can afford to play on them. In this case, it is better to choose cheaper cryptocurrency options. Some gambling clubs are willing to pay transaction fees instead of players.

What games are available for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Usually, virtual platforms that accept electronic money for payment offer the same range of entertainment as the usual fiat clubs. The number and varieties of games are independent of the payment systems integrated into the site.

A wide range of games is usually available to players:

  •     slots (slot machines);
  •     video poker;
  •     roulette;
  •     poker;
  •     baccarat;
  •     blackjack;
  •     dice.

Entertainment is represented by well-known providers: NetEnt, Microgaming, PlaySon, and others.

However, some cryptocurrency casinos with a faucet offer completely different entertainment. They resemble mini-games in some online casinos: the graphics are kept to a minimum, and there is no plot, only graphics, and a betting field. The purpose of such portals is to allow you to earn miles-dollars of cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses in blockchain casinos for cryptocurrencies

Each portal’s motivational program is different. Deposit or no deposit bonus cryptocurrency casino, if it also accepts fiat, can be settled in euros, or dollars. Usually, if the platform accepts only digital money, the presents and rewards are also spent on them. The exact list of gifts as in the usual club is available to clients:

  •     beginner’s welcome package;
  •     free spins;
  •     cashback;
  •     reload;
  •     loyalty programs.

Some no-investment bitcoin casinos hold tournaments that allow you to win extra money or “puffs” for the game. Others do not provide customers with cashback due to transaction specifics, while others, on the contrary, highlight the visitors contributing to Ethereum or Litecoin, offering them individual gifts. For example, King Billy runs a promotion where you can get 51% of the amount deposited in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Tether once a week.

Crypto-casino (blockchain casino) payments

If a customer has found an excellent crypto casino with a no-deposit bonus, it remains to register and fund the account. It is assumed that the client already has a crypto wallet and crypto on balance.

The deposit looks like this (each club has different section names):

  •     The guest logs in to the personal cabinet;
  •     Selects the tab “Financial Operations”;
  •     Clicks on the icon of the logo of the cryptocurrency;
  •     A QR code and a link to the final node that accepts money for the casino appear. The client copies the link to his cryptocurrency wallet or scans the QR code if the e-wallet on his mobile is installed;
  •     In his wallet, he indicates the amount of replenishment and enters a cryptographic key, confirming the transaction.

In the blockchain casino, you can play immediately – if the blockchain network is not overloaded, the funds are credited to the account instantly.

To withdraw money, the official site’s administration requires identity verification. Without verification, the club has no right to provide services to the client because it does not know his data: age, citizenship, and country of residence. The client may violate the law, exposing the site to an acceptable risk.

If the identification is passed, and a sufficient amount for the withdrawal is accumulated, you can carry out the operation:

  •     The guest opens a personal account in the casino online for bitcoin;
  •     Goes to the tab “Finance” – “Withdraw”;
  •     Selects a payment method;
  •     Specifies the amount;
  •     Copies the link of his cryptocurrency wallet and pastes it into the address field;
  •     Confirms the request.

Usually, the money comes to the personal account faster than through standard payment systems. But sometimes, if the network load is heavy, on the contrary, you have to wait up to several hours.

How to choose the best online casino for bitcoin

The player’s task is to choose a good, safe online institution so that the game for real money brings only joy. The best bitcoin casinos are difficult to find, but it is possible. The following criteria should be considered:

  •     Open customer access to smart contracts (computer protocols, codes). It spells out the obligations of the customer and the administration. Smart contracts provide the player with reliability, speed, and anonymity of transactions.
  •     Availability of a license. A virtual platform operating based on a permit from a reputable regulator guarantees fair play. The casino’s website usually lists the logo, license number, and expiration date.
  •     Gambling library. A wide range – the key to a successful pastime on the portal. Choose games that are interesting to you. Pay attention to the originality of the content: licensed games do not drain the budget.
  •     Bonuses and a loyalty program. Refill your account profitably, and many people want to get a reward for active play. Study the rules of wagering presents – playing with bonuses is only sometimes more profitable.
  •     Tournaments. Additional opportunity to earn crypto.
  •     Feedback from players. Reputation among customers is essential. Registered guests learn the nuances of the platform and leave valuable comments.

It is worth considering the limits on deposits and withdrawals, the maximum amount allowed for a day, a month.

The main differences between blockchain casinos and fiat currency clubs

Fiat web clubs lose in comparison with cryptocurrency ones. Blockchain casino is a modern, dynamically developing, and almost independent from external factors and gaming resources. They do not need an additional license, and transactions are confidential. Moreover, operations with digital coins are not fixed and not described at the legislative level and, therefore, are not subject to monitoring by the authorities.

That is, supporting deposits with bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, the site has the right to operate under the jurisdiction of any country. Thanks to cryptocurrency clubs, Internet gambling would flourish and enjoy maximum demand if it was banned.

Crypto casinos do not require linking game accounts to bank cards. You can provide personal information in some of them. The functionality of clubs with virtual currency is extended.

For example, specific sites offer to earn from scratch, playing: no deposit is required. There are taps at such resources, allowing one to collect a certain amount of coins for the game, solve captchas, watch short videos, and run mini-games. Then you can already move on to the standard machines.

Pros and cons of bitcoin casinos

Like conventional online resources, portals for digital money have advantages and disadvantages. Of the pros of crypto casino players and experts note:

  •     The anonymity of operations. Since it is impossible to get into the block without a cryptographic key, the withdrawal or deposit of money remains confidential. There will be no problems with the departure of funds.
  •     Most online platforms are willing to accept different-size bets.
  •     Independence from the tax service. Receipts to the account are closed by an executive, controlling authorities.
  •     Permanent access to the games. Portals, if they work only with crypto, are not blocked.
  •     Inflation does not threaten winnings because Bitcoin and other coins are not tied to traditional currencies.

It is also worth noting the complete security of transactions and low commissions. The pluses are undeniable for those who win a lot and do not want to advertise the option of leisure.

However, it is worth considering the disadvantages of BTC casino:

  •     Complicated deposit and withdrawal process.
  •     If there are a lot of blocks in the blockchain, the period of crediting funds to the game or personal balance increases.
  •     Sharp and unpredictable fluctuations in the exchange rate of BTC and other currencies.

If there are no altcoins in stock, you will have to use exchangers and pay for conversion and resource services.

Despite the wide spread of cryptocurrency, it does not take root in the gambling business. This became especially noticeable when the gambling industry was recognized as legal. New crypto-casinos appear with enviable consistency, but most of the country’s residents prefer standard entertainment portals.

With the advantages of bitcoin and altcoins, there are significant disadvantages, primarily concerning the main social layer of players – people over 35 years old who used to play in real casinos.

However, you should not write off the idea and the concept: the progress is evident because such online establishments are an excellent way to earn crypto, the value of which is growing. Choose brands from our ranking and win!

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